Back Where I Belong….

I never thought it would happen but I’ve definitely had one of those phases where I wondered why I blogged. I’d been knocked by feeling a bit like there is not really room for me as more and more fantastic bloggers have come on the scene, that anything I could say could be said better […]

Forgive me for I have not blogged….

    So, well yeah. Its been yet another age since I’ve blogged. Bad, bad me. However this time it really wasn’t the case of me going ‘I’ve nothing to possstttt!!’. Quite the opposite in fact, I’ve tons to post and probably will be burning the midnight oil and running my fingers into the ground […]

Oh, How Big A Collection You Have…..

When the divine Kathryn of MissKathryn’s MissTakes first pipped up on the old Twittersphere with the idea of a blog challenge that was a little different from what us fatshion bloggers usually pontificate over, I jumped at it. Mainly because whilst I love and adore blogging clothes, and I occasionally allow myself to write the […]