A little about me….

Ermm, is this thing on? It is? Ok, I’ll start then. 30 year old girl with a passion for bags, skirts and dresses, jewellery in the shapes of teapots, birds, butterflies and keys. Likes to do very british things like drink tea, eat cake, drink more tea and eat more cake, visit craft and vintage fair, garden centres, stately homes and many a british seaside resort. Has a thing for books, and tries to collect unusual versions of books as gets over excited by books with different covers, even if already owned/read. Has a thing for Yorkshire or Scottish accents. Or alternatively skinny geek boys with any accent. Perhaps a West Midlands one, you know, as you do. 😉

I’ve alternatively got two trains of thought running through my head – either I’m thinking about something inheritantly geeky like the latest Doctor Who episode, whether I could also assert that Bowties are Cool (I’ve just realised my sense of style is pretty much a female version of Matt Smith’s doctor intermingled with Peggy/Joan/Betty from Mad Men…yeah, interesting combo…), or am pondering many aspects of all seven of the Harry Potter novels. Yes, us geeks can also be fashionable and female and pretty….

Second train of thought, as got a tad distracted there, is usually about the things I’d more likely blog about. Clothes that I’m wearing, clothes that I want, other bright and shiny things I might like, people I love and know, places I might go (oooh, I’m a poet and I dont know it!)

I run on ten cups of tea a day and at least two slices of cake. Any contribution to this is much appreciated, ta!

3 thoughts on “A little about me….

  1. I’m a 10 cup a tea kind of person too! Well I aim to be – that’s a mark of a truly successful, well-balanced person in my opinion! Lovely About Me 🙂

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