A bit about this blog…

So, you’ve stayed interested enough to read all the pages! Well done, have a cup of tea, slice of cake and put your feet up. On any old chair, I dont mind which, no standing on ceremony here!

If I was held at Banana point (someone to poor/too posh/too scared to use a gun and instead has a banana in their pocket to make you think its a gun…) to define what this blog is about I’d say its fashiony, lifestylely, wishlisty sort of blog….I’ve come up with what I think is a genius idea for something unique which as soon as I’m brave enough, I’ll head outside and then blog it.

I’m more than happy for guest contributions to content….I’m specifically looking for either stories of your body image over the years, good or bad – I’m not of the opnion everything has to be upbeat and loving of ourselves, because lets face it, thats not always the case. I’m also looking for stories of about either items of clothing/accessories you’ve always wanted, or most cherished ones you have owned or still do own.

I’m also happy to review or promote any products, and although I live in the heart of the East Midlands, I’m more than happy to pour some tea in a flask, tie my possessions up in a hanky on a stick, and travel about to go to events, especially in that there London. Mainly because I’ve yet to sing my own version of that song from that magazine ad that goes something like ‘I’m going to London, to buy *insert name of celeb mag here*

If you’re wanting, although I cant see why, to have some sort of advertising on my blog, I’m happy to accomodate, although I’ve a serious lack of techincal know-how, so you’d have to bring that to the table….

Toodles! Now go read and comment on something…shoo!

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