Going Oop North….

Now, I’m very proud of my own hometown, as displayed in yesterday’s post. However, I feel very fond of Northerners and of northern towns. Why, I hear you ask, well I shall tell you. Whilst my dad’s side of the family are as far as I know all Nottingham born and bred, my mum and […]

What a lovely day….

It really was as well. Now, I will say that I was already in a good mood. Partly for all the flattery I’d been receiving via those new-fangled electronic messages they have, but mostly because it dawned on me – I’ve cracked this confidence thing. Ok, I still have days when I feel like total […]

What I wore for a day when I totally geeked out!

So, those of you that have been following my blog for a while will know two things. One, this is my first post in about two weeks, which I apologise for, because I’ve been seriously lacking in motivation for anything….my muse seemed to up and leave! Two, I’m a massive Harry Potter fan….like, to a […]