Last Christmas….and the christmas before that…..and the christmas before that one….

Warning: This post contains me discussing my own relationship with food over the Christmas period. May cause triggers.   So, my peeps (yeah, I can’t pull peeps off, can I?), it’s nearly that festive season again. It’s just merely a few weeks away, are you all excited yet? All presents shopped and wrapped? No? Well […]

A Wardrobe Makeover….

This week I’ve been a very lucky girl to score not one, but two fashion consulations. Now generally speaking I consider myself quite stylish, but I need that push into being the bang on trend person I wish I was…..I often think laziness plays a huge part! But via the mediums of twitter and facebook, […]

Something frilly and fabulous…

So, you’ll notice that I didn’t post yesterday. Which probably wasnt noticeable at all given that I’ve been known to not post for days at a time but this time it was deliberate. Sort of, well basically I knew what I fancied writing about next, but I felt to follow a post so serious and […]

Spread a little Christmas cheer….

Are any of you thinking of Christmas at the moment? I am. Mainly because my coin purse has cobwebs currently, until the beginning of December at least. But I’m still very much so looking on the interweb for presents. Not for me. Well, mostly not for me! So, I’m going to be kind and lovely […]