A quick mention of a week of fab giveaways!

So, I promise that a proper post is soon coming, I’ve been busy with submitting a potential guest post for somewhere else in the blogsphere, not to mention that I’ve had plenty of emails and ims from my various online friends to be keeping busy with, ontop of all that real life stuff that we […]

Wishes of a Brit Girl….

So, I’ve gotten inspired by a blog by the lovely Sarah of essveebee, all about birthdays. Mine is in a few weeks time, and generally speaking I get rather excited by it….I’ve actually never worked it as I’ve always had jobs where I could book it off, so I did, and not only would I […]

Mysterious Emotions and how I decided to take up the ‘Wear My Wardrobe” challenge…

So, first things first, those that are astute and observant may have noticed that I took down the last post that I blogged. This is because I essentially conducted a very harsh character assination of someone who actually I love and care for all because I was in a dark and negative place, entirely glossing […]