Oh Hullo There….

So once again I’ve been a baaaad blogger. But I’ve been a busy bunny, so much so I’ve somewhat neglected the taking pictures of my outfits. Still vowing to be better at remembering to take a quick snap before toddling off to wherever I’m heading off to. But I did remember in part….a couple of […]

Same Look, But A Different Day…

Wow, my lovely followers/readers/general passers-by, three days running I manage to post – what is the world coming to! Well, actually, it’s just me resolving to pull my finger out a little bit as far as the blog is concerned and both photograph and write posts up asap rather than either forgetting to snap the […]

Clothes for Cinema-going….

Last night I went for coffee and then the cinema…after a bit of debating went to see Prometheus, which fyi – seriously and totally loved it, found the visuals stunning and the plot captivating. Ridley Scott, you’ve knocked another one out of the park once again. But obviously I wore clothes to said occassion….I’m getting […]