Forgive me for I have not blogged….

    So, well yeah. Its been yet another age since I’ve blogged. Bad, bad me. However this time it really wasn’t the case of me going ‘I’ve nothing to possstttt!!’. Quite the opposite in fact, I’ve tons to post and probably will be burning the midnight oil and running my fingers into the ground […]

Review: Simply Be wine coloured jeans…

So, it wont have escaped your notice that the current state of my numerous pairs of jeans is a little bit like my bra collection….some that are comfortable and look fairly serviceable but aren’t that stylish or have seen much better days and really should be binned entirely. Well, you’d not know about the bra […]

Pink to make the boys wink…

It will have not escaped your notice that I bloody blooming love this cardigan and top. Alongside my black bodycon dress from and my navy and cream polka dot tunic from Yours (they call it a dress but I refuse to believe that it is simply because it’s so short!), they’re items that I […]

The big move….

So, if you’ve been paying attention and follow me on twitter or a Facebook friend of mine, my long running adventures in romance wont have escaped your notice. It’s funny to think back to roughly this time last year, when I’d just written my 30 before 30 but was still feeling all ‘blah my life […]