Fashion World Two Way Boot Challenge…

I was a lucky enough girl to receive both a gorgeous pair of boots and a pair of jeans from the lovely people at Fashion World. It was a tough choice as to what I was going to go for, jeans wise. Boots were a little easier as it was either a choice of tan or black I had the pick of…

Legroom Wear Two Ways Boot EEE Fit

Two Ways Boots £55 – Images Copyright of Fashion world

Legroom Wear Two Ways Boot EEE Fit

So as you can see, the boots can be worn either as knee boots or as ankle ones. I ordered my pair in size 9 EEE. I have ridiculously big calves, and find it a nightmare to get boots to fit. I was living in hope that these babies would be the first pair I owned in years that did all the way up the leg….

DSC_0495 DSC_0496 DSC_0494As you can see, I don’t have the upper sleeve on,  turning them into knee boots. Essentially they went about two-thirds up my calf before they went no more. Very sad times indeed. Especially as the boot bit was actually a tad big on my foot. I  adore the boots though and have been stomping around in them ever since I got them.

 DSC_0497 DSC_0498 DSC_0499 DSC_0505Jeans: Joe Browns Awesome Fit Jeans 30in £40 

Cardigan :Primark|Top: Evans

The bloke has a whole wardrobe full of Joe Browns. In fact, he wears little else when choosing casual attire. I have often been really rather vocal in my dislike of the female version of the brand, simply as they tend to favour loud and busy prints of which I am not fond. So when I spied these jeans on Fashion World, I knew this challenge meant I had to give them a try.

And awesome fit that  they are. I have huugggge problems getting jeans to fit, either having to have a gaping waist to accommodate my larger backside, or have them tight around the backside so they fit the waist. With these jeans, neither had to compromise for the other. My waist needed no belt and I didn’t feel constricted around my larger lower half…heck, even though they are straight legged, my calves didn’t feel that ‘encased in fabric’ feel one usually gets with such a style. My only grumble is that they didn’t do a 28 inch leg as I’ve rather short legs for someone who is 5ft7 and had to roll them up a bit so they didn’t drag. Although no big deal as I did intend to roll them up rockabilly style anyhoot.

My look that I’ve gone for is ‘Lady who lunches meets a biker and starts dressing somewhat accordingly’. Or ‘nanas who wear jeans to go a-jiving in’. Or to put it simply I’ve tried to go for a simple classic look, very 50s inspired as that is on trend for this season, very lady-like on top juxtaposed by the tougher bottom  half.

If you like what you see, pop along to Fashion World’s facebook page and vote for me!

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