Back Where I Belong….

I never thought it would happen but I’ve definitely had one of those phases where I wondered why I blogged. I’d been knocked by feeling a bit like there is not really room for me as more and more fantastic bloggers have come on the scene, that anything I could say could be said better by others. I felt I’d lost that sense of community that drew me towards plus size blogging in the first place. Also this blog got trolled by someone I know, and it did make me think that maybe this is just me being vain and navel gazing too much. However, I’ve decided enough is enough. I need to dust myself off and take life by the scruff of the next, throw myself into anything and everything that comes my way. Plus London reminded me exactly how far I’ve come in the last 18 months, and how I can achieve a lot when I put my mind to it. Also, the lovely and adorable Kathryn of Miss Kathyrn’s MissTakes is organising a get together of bloggery types, and the Facebook chat for it has reminded me that there is a community still alive and kicking, its more that I need to be more involved. I am not the girl I was, I’m becoming the woman I want to be.

So you want to see some clothes though, right? I’ve gone full-time at work, which whilst means no time to do bugger all, it does mean a few extra pennies for clothes. This top is one of my new favourites.

DSC_0564 DSC_0568 DSC_0563

Cardigan: George at Asda | Top: Asos| Skirt with belt: New Look| Slippers: Sainsbury’s|Tights: Evans|Glasses: Gok Wan for Specsavers

Featuring our cat Rory and my slippers! The top inspired the outfit, as I wanted a way to show it off because I adore it. I remembered this skirt and thought ‘Ooh, black and white with a punch of red’. This top is becoming a fast favourite of mine so its sure to feature a few times more on this blog.  Like a lot of ASOS Curve, it was a blink and you’ll miss it job as it’s no longer on sale. So, I consider myself a very lucky girl to have it…its the first time, ever I think, I’ve owned t-shirts of a decent quality that wash well. Oh, the plight of a fat girl!

Until next time!

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