Ooh La La…

So my bestest and most favourite of all Christmas presents was the reveal that the destination of the surprise trip away I’m being taken on by The Bloke is to Paris (obviously not a secret now, as I think he’d worked out that I’d not last until February to know where we’d be going!). I […]

Back Where I Belong….

I never thought it would happen but I’ve definitely had one of those phases where I wondered why I blogged. I’d been knocked by feeling a bit like there is not really room for me as more and more fantastic bloggers have come on the scene, that anything I could say could be said better […]

Nothing Like A Little Heartfelt Honesty….

(Trigger Warning: This post deals with my current, personal journey with depression, self-esteem and eating issues. If you feel it may trigger your own similar feelings, I’ll not be offended if you carry on walking past this post.)   Its been a very long time since I wrote a personal post. I did rationalise it […]

Simply Be Review – China Blue…

Yes, its been a while. I don’t believe in doing the whole announced ‘hiatius’ thing, especially as it was more my body and mind failing hard rather than me going ‘oh, I simply must take a break, life is sooooo taxing darling!’ (not that there is anything wrong with that, just my inner voice goes […]

Review: Simply Be Boucle Dress…

The lovely people at Simply Be generously gave me a couple of things to review, including this dress. I adore Simply Be and their clothes, more and more they are becoming my go-to brand. Long gone are the days when I would get my plain t-shirts and combat trousers from there, and in are beautiful […]

Ten Day You Challenge – Two Songs

Well, I’ve done a great job on this challenge…a few days in and I’d already failed to post every day…maybe I’m just not a challenge girl! So to my two songs…. 1. Buddy Holly – True Love Wayshttp://m.youtube.com/index?gl=GB&hl=en-GB&desktop_uri=%2F%3Fgl%3DGB%26hl%3Den-GB#/home I adore this song. My dad was a huge Buddy Holly fan so was familiar with pretty […]

Ten Day You Challenge – One Photo…

I have firmly decided to kick myself up the blogging backside and am using this now well-known challenge to get the old cogs working again. I contemplated finding a more long-term challenge, however, even I know that I’d never last the distance! So, to day one and its challenge – one picture of myself. I […]