A Lovely Week Thus Far…

I’m definitely the sort of girl who enjoys christmas. Well, mostly but I intend to write a post that explains why I find christmas slightly bittersweet later….anyway, I enjoy the run up, and the present buying, and the food eating. Ohhh the food eating. But the thing I enjoy the most is the getting to […]

My recent adventures…..

Or as this post should more aptly be known ‘What I’ve been doing since getting a cold’.  Which probably wouldn’t be that much, given that I’ve had a major case of the sniffles. I’d have to wind back past the weekend to the last time I made an effort with my attire, but I didn’t […]

Feeling Festive…..

Hullo all my gorgeous readers! Are you all feeling in the christmas mood yet? I know I am! But then I’ve had the last week and a half of christmas songs at work, talking about christmas at work and working at christmas, sorting out what I’m doing over the three-day marathon of festivities we have […]

A Little Something From The Other Side Of The World…

Yes, I’ve not blogged for at least a week….I’d been having one of those sort of ones where really either you’re going to blog the most depressing post in the world, or you need to stay away from the blogging. So, for once, I went with the latter! Not that its been all doom and […]