Oh, How Big A Collection You Have…..

When the divine Kathryn of MissKathryn’s MissTakes first pipped up on the old Twittersphere with the idea of a blog challenge that was a little different from what us fatshion bloggers usually pontificate over, I jumped at it. Mainly because whilst I love and adore blogging clothes, and I occasionally allow myself to write the odd opinion piece there are certain things I don’t wax lyrical on. Namely some of my other passions such as books and handbags. Although they do creep in a little….I cant help it.

One such passion is makeup. Well one specific makeup brand to be precise….

Yes, My name is Sara and I’m a BeneFit-aholic. It started oh so innocently enough with this one (which really is so old it should go in the bin, and I don’t ever use it, but its got sentimental value…)

Kitten Shops in New York

Back in the day, which was oooh, about six or seven years ago, this glittery beauty was my most treasured item. Around the same time we’d gotten a BeneFit counter in Boots, and my 22-year-old self would spend hours oohing and ahhing at the gorgeous products….

So my best friend presented me with this one Christmas, and I have to say that every time she doesn’t get it quite right, present wise I always think ‘But she started my BeneFit collection off….’

Bad Gal Blue and Bad Gal Plum mascara, Magic Ink liquid liner and High Brow brow illuminator

Creaseless Cream Shadowliner: back row, left to right – Get Figgy, Skinny Jeans, Strut and Towne Car ; front row, left to right – Bunny Hop, R.S.V.P and Pre-Nup

Four of my all-time favourite BeneFit products – That Gal brightening face primer and Girl Meets Pearl liquid pearl for face, Posie Tint lip and cheek tint and High Beam highlighter. Oh and Moon Beam which I don’t really ever use.

Four used to death products – Hello Flawless powder cover up in Shell (which smashed and thus meant I lost a lot of it…sad times), Smokin’ Eyes palette (I wear it alot….if I’ve ever got a smoky eye going on, it will be this), one of their box shadows which has been discontinued and I have no lid for….oh, and Pink to  please a woman, Gold to get the guy eyes and lips palette (does NOT do what it says on the tin!)

Shimmer Powder in Ruby Doo, Meringue and Miss Moon

Skinny Dip Lipstick; The Gloss in Streakin’, Chaperone and Kiss Me; Her Glossiness in Who Are You Wearing? and Talk To My Agent and Pocket Pal BeneTint and Gloss (BeneFit, make a Posie Tint version of this, pretty please!!)

The rest of the collection I’ve built up over the last five years….yes, some of my products probably should have found home in the bin if I was following the laws of makeup, but I go through the most important bits more frequently, so at least that’s something!

But to me there is nothing quite like the BeneFit experience….I’m a regular visitor to my main counter in Boots, but I’ve cheated on her with a visit to their flagship boutique in Covent Garden, and other Boots, House of Fraser and Debenhams counters up and down the country. I’ve even stopped by my local one on a couple of occasions where I’ve forgotten to put my mascara on when leaving the house. But as soon as I perch myself on one of their trademark stools, and let them show me their latest wares, I’m transported to a world where I’m a different creature entirely.

Before I found BeneFit, two things were true  – I couldn’t apply makeup for toffee and never bothered with it, and also I’d have horrible reactions if I wore makeup all day long and thus never bothered with it. Its one of only three brands that don’t make my skin go ‘But I’m Combination along with being super sensitive….get that muck off me!’

Thats what gets me going back again and again….if it was only a brand that had pretty packaging, I’d probably have not remained so loyal, but as their products are just so ridiculously fab, for me at least, I go back again and again. In fact, here’s a secret I’ve not previously shared – when I went to the Simply Be Doncaster store launch, I had far too much time to kill, and spied a counter through the doorway of their Boots. Needlessly to say, I was sat letting their assistant apply Hervana to me in no time!

I just covert their stuff so much that I get giddy when they release a new catalogue so I can take it home and lust over its pages….my current items of lust that I wish to be mine are as follows….

They’re Real Mascara

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow!

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! Foundation in Ivory


Hervana face powder

But lets take a minute to mourn those that are no longer mine….(in other words, ran out completely or gave away because they didn’t suit me 😦 ).

Hoola, 10, Dallas, Dandelion (oh, I miss you the most!) face powders, ErasePaste concealer (used that to death!!), You Rebel Lite (ditto), Bad Gal Black, Brow Zings and Non-Fiction foundation….you are sorely missed…

So that’s my collection….I do have a marginally big Radley one too, but that’s for another time!

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14 thoughts on “Oh, How Big A Collection You Have…..

    • I’ve not got a Benefit foundation atm, but I’ve owned them in the past and have to say they’re one of the few brands I can wear for any length of time and not end up with really bad skin….I’ve got combination skin that’s really oily on the oily bits but then super-sensitive where its not oily. le sigh!

    • Oh, I love their blushers sooooo much! And their illuminating products….in fact, those two things are what drew me in first off….I’ve had a quick try of the foundation as I go to my own counter so much they pretty much let me try anything new whenever I pop in…its seriously amazing in my eyes, especially as there was a colour that matched me perfectly – believe me, thats pretty tricky to pull off!

  1. Ahhh BeneFit! I’m always seduced by the cute packaging and the super-kitsch names. I always mourn the loss of the Bathina Sweet Satin Shave mousse in the big jar, it was fantastic stuff and really worked for me!

    Whenever we meet up you’re wearing BeneFit! Cool to see the extent of the collection – so envious of the Kitten Shops New York City 🙂

    Jem xXx

    • Yes, the packaging and names drew me in first, but the reason I stay so loyal to it is the fact it’s pretty good at matching my very english rose sort of skin, not mention their products are deceptively good!

      But yes, I’m mostly in Benefit whenever I’ve got makeup on, although as you know I do cheat on it with M.A.C and Urban Decay quite a fair bit too!

  2. I had the Bad Girl mascara and the stick concealer. Stick concealer amazing! Bad Girl mascara not. Isn’t it funny how some brands suit some but not others? For example, I don’t understand liquid foundation. It’s Bare Minerals all the way for me!!!!!

    • I think thats it….different brands are going to suit different people….I think thats the reason I’m so loyal to Benefit; most other brands will not work on me on some level – for instance, I really don’t like M.A.C foundations on me, they feel too heavy mostly and bring me out in spots!

  3. I’ve never tried a Benefits product before (I know!) but have been wanting to for ages. Is there any one that you would recommend for a newbie to the brand like me? Great collection by the way! xx

    • See, there are so many must have products….for me I started off with one of their box blushers, but They’re Real mascara and Pore-fection pore minimiser are leading products in their respective fields…number one best sellers above all brands, I believe!

  4. I used to be a massive benefit fan, had lots but mac has since stollen my heart (sorry benefit!) Great collection, got to love a fellow make-up fiend :o) Scarlett x

    • M.A.C definitely cannot be beaten on colour, thats for sure and I have to admit that I’m a particular fan of their lipsticks and eyeshadows in particular….and Urban Decay’s eyeshadow are pretty awesome too. But yeah, I think I’m making up for the fact I didn’t wear makeup at all until I was 18!

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