Forgive me for I have not blogged….



So, well yeah. Its been yet another age since I’ve blogged. Bad, bad me. However this time it really wasn’t the case of me going ‘I’ve nothing to possstttt!!’. Quite the opposite in fact, I’ve tons to post and probably will be burning the midnight oil and running my fingers into the ground with the typing. Or at least doing a couple until the desire for tea and biscuits drag me off the computer. As you do.

So, shiny new job has meant lots and lots of outfits. I really am rather enjoying this wearing one’s own clothes everyday malarkey. Especially the going home and getting told work attire suits me. *cough cough move along now, nothing to see here*. Anyway, here’s the first in a long, long line of outfits I’ve worn over the last few weeks….I’ve managed to snap myself or be snapped by the bloke shaped person but just somehow havent had the energy to write. Lots of weird health type things occurring that seem to have drained me. But oh well, less of that, more of the clothing!

All items worn are good old Evans, albeit ancient. Glasses, Specsavers and some faithful George at Asda ballet pumps just out of shot.

Normally I’d not wear a full skirt for work or something daytime wise, but I’d just been catching up on blogs and somewhat got inspired by the lovely stylings of MissKathryn’s MissTakes ; basically its one of my favourite skirts which I don’t really wear often enough, so figured if I like it, why not break it out for some time other than an evening out? Not to mention its starting to not really fit, so am trying to squeeze out as much use of it as possible before consigning it to the clothes that live in my wardrobe but do not fit.

Are there any styles or bloggers you admire that you’d fancy trying on for size, despite it being different to your usual attire? I know there are many, many lovely stylish ladies out there that I look at and think ‘oh, you gorgeous creature, I’d like your wardrobe, yes please!’

Ok, toodle pip all you lovely things!!


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