Nothing Like A Little Heartfelt Honesty….

(Trigger Warning: This post deals with my current, personal journey with depression, self-esteem and eating issues. If you feel it may trigger your own similar feelings, I’ll not be offended if you carry on walking past this post.)   Its been a very long time since I wrote a personal post. I did rationalise it […]

A Trip North Part Two…

So, having enjoyed the delights of Knaresborough, we then all hauled our backsides of varying ages onto the coach once more and headed off to Nidd Hall, which was one of those Warner Hotel places…in other words some place that was once a posh person’s home but now offers luxury comfort to all. We were […]

The big move….

So, if you’ve been paying attention and follow me on twitter or a Facebook friend of mine, my long running adventures in romance wont have escaped your notice. It’s funny to think back to roughly this time last year, when I’d just written my 30 before 30 but was still feeling all ‘blah my life […]