How I love tea, let me count the ways…

Have I told you how I’m obsessed with tea? The drink, not the meal that really is called dinner (although I am fairly fond of all meal times, obviously). When I was a little girl, I started drinking tea then albeit more milk with a dash of tea. My dad was a massive fan of […]

Birthday Reflections: my 29th

Greetings readers! So, today has been my 29th, and I think I’ve finally cracked this birthday lark….spread stuff out, so you can have endless enjoyment, and therefore no pressure on one day alone. simple. So, its been lovely and relaxing today, I started off with a new ‘do which I’m pretty happy about despite stressing […]

A little light relief….

So, the anti riot movement is making my heart sing! Images of all the clean up, and of people using everyday routines make me glad to be british…that blitz spirit in the face of such atrocities. My favourite and now infamous image is this one….I’m not the only person to repost it, but hey, the […]