Spring/Summer’12 has sprung! (part one)….

There is nothing I love better than the start of a new fashion season. The tease of what the full range will be like, the sheer availabilty of the new lines because they’ve not been promoted/blogged to death and thus sold out as yet. It gets me giddy with excitment, and frankly its what’s getting […]

Something frilly and fabulous…

So, you’ll notice that I didn’t post yesterday. Which probably wasnt noticeable at all given that I’ve been known to not post for days at a time but this time it was deliberate. Sort of, well basically I knew what I fancied writing about next, but I felt to follow a post so serious and […]

Joining the Campaign for Clearer Sizing

So, you’ll remember from yesterday’s post that I was a bit miffed by Evans’ offerings and how it seemed like they’d de-sized recently, yes? Well, there’s a campaign set up by Retro Chick to try to get retailers to change the way they label clothes, and to get some uniformity to sizing. Which is well […]