Simply Be Review – China Blue…

Yes, its been a while. I don’t believe in doing the whole announced ‘hiatius’ thing, especially as it was more my body and mind failing hard rather than me going ‘oh, I simply must take a break, life is sooooo taxing darling!’ (not that there is anything wrong with that, just my inner voice goes […]

Review: Simply Be Boucle Dress…

The lovely people at Simply Be generously gave me a couple of things to review, including this dress. I adore Simply Be and their clothes, more and more they are becoming my go-to brand. Long gone are the days when I would get my plain t-shirts and combat trousers from there, and in are beautiful […]

Simply Be Blogger Takeover Event..

Last week I had the enormous privilege to be invited to the Simply Be Blogger Takeover event. Its been, well, a while since I’d been in a room full of lovely plus size bloggers and it was most certainly over-due. I can’t begin to describe how much such occasions mean to me – there is […]

The Simply Be Party Dress Challenge…

So, a few weeks ago now, I got sent an email asking if I’d like to take part in a ‘find your perfect party dress’ challenge feature Simply Be were putting together. Which, I of course jumped at the chance to be a part of…given how much I adored the last dress I got from […]

Two Looks, Much Smiling…

 So, am continuing to plough through the backlog of pictures I’ve had languishing on my hard drive…definitely must resolve to post said pictures along with words when I actually take them! Today’s post is a couple of outfits I wore a while ago…and by while I mean early November. Bad me for taking this long! Jumper: Simply […]

Review: Simply Be wine coloured jeans…

So, it wont have escaped your notice that the current state of my numerous pairs of jeans is a little bit like my bra collection….some that are comfortable and look fairly serviceable but aren’t that stylish or have seen much better days and really should be binned entirely. Well, you’d not know about the bra […]

Going Oop North….

Now, I’m very proud of my own hometown, as displayed in yesterday’s post. However, I feel very fond of Northerners and of northern towns. Why, I hear you ask, well I shall tell you. Whilst my dad’s side of the family are as far as I know all Nottingham born and bred, my mum and […]

Simply Be Doncaster Opening….

So I was very privileged to have nabbed an invite to the Doncaster Simply Be store opening a little while back. I’ve been wanting to go and see one of their stores since they opened their first two way back when I was relatively new around the blogging world. Mainly because the shops seem like […]

Spring/Summer’12 has sprung! (part one)….

There is nothing I love better than the start of a new fashion season. The tease of what the full range will be like, the sheer availabilty of the new lines because they’ve not been promoted/blogged to death and thus sold out as yet. It gets me giddy with excitment, and frankly its what’s getting […]

A Lovely Week Thus Far…

I’m definitely the sort of girl who enjoys christmas. Well, mostly but I intend to write a post that explains why I find christmas slightly bittersweet later….anyway, I enjoy the run up, and the present buying, and the food eating. Ohhh the food eating. But the thing I enjoy the most is the getting to […]