When I grow up I want to be….

I’ve always had a fascination with libraries. To me they are a place of wonder, and have served me well over the years, from helping to fuel my childhood reading obsession to printing off my school homework back in the dark ages when hardly anyone had a computer at home; from the large and spacious […]

Oh Hullo There….

So once again I’ve been a baaaad blogger. But I’ve been a busy bunny, so much so I’ve somewhat neglected the taking pictures of my outfits. Still vowing to be better at remembering to take a quick snap before toddling off to wherever I’m heading off to. But I did remember in part….a couple of […]

Same Look, But A Different Day…

Wow, my lovely followers/readers/general passers-by, three days running I manage to post – what is the world coming to! Well, actually, it’s just me resolving to pull my finger out a little bit as far as the blog is concerned and both photograph and write posts up asap rather than either forgetting to snap the […]

Clothes for Cinema-going….

Last night I went for coffee and then the cinema…after a bit of debating went to see Prometheus, which fyi – seriously and totally loved it, found the visuals stunning and the plot captivating. Ridley Scott, you’ve knocked another one out of the park once again. But obviously I wore clothes to said occassion….I’m getting […]

Trying things out in town…..

Trigger Warning: I will be expressing my joy at the fact I’m sorting my health out has resulted in me now fitting in smaller clothes. So could trigger in terms of weight related feelings. But mostly its me going ‘Squee….I’ve not been in that size since I was 22 or so!’ So on Friday I […]

Plus Size Swimwear Challenge – Evans

So, the second in the series of this challenge. Once again, all of us bloggers in the challenge got given swimwear to try out and see what we thought of it. This time around, the folks at Evans sent over two swimsuits to yours truly. The first one is the Teal Tummy Control Wrap Swimsuit […]