A night on the tiles and other events of the week….

Dress/tunic: Yours | Leggings: Evans | Shoes: Clarks | Jewellery: Primark and Accessorize Having a really bad hair day in this picture here, mainly because of those pesky spilt ends (oh how one dreams of perfect conditioned ombre ends!); however had an amazing makeup day…looook at those eyes! Definitely getting my money out of that […]

Oh, its been a while…

So I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. Dear reader, please forgive me – its been several weeks since my last post. I’ve dallied with other non internet based activities for which I repent. Ok, so for someone non religious and most definitely not catholic, that was a bit of a weird way to kick off […]

Quick as a flash….

Yet another super quick post, just to show you lovely people what I wore yesterday. I did blog yesterday. And the day before. You’ve just not seen my effort yet, as it’s the same piece that I’ve been working on and not posting….its so far up to about 1,500 words and still isn’t finished. Yes, […]

Something frilly and fabulous…

So, you’ll notice that I didn’t post yesterday. Which probably wasnt noticeable at all given that I’ve been known to not post for days at a time but this time it was deliberate. Sort of, well basically I knew what I fancied writing about next, but I felt to follow a post so serious and […]

Joining the Campaign for Clearer Sizing

So, you’ll remember from yesterday’s post that I was a bit miffed by Evans’ offerings and how it seemed like they’d de-sized recently, yes? Well, there’s a campaign set up by Retro Chick to try to get retailers to change the way they label clothes, and to get some uniformity to sizing. Which is well […]