Ten Day You Challenge – Two Songs

Well, I’ve done a great job on this challenge…a few days in and I’d already failed to post every day…maybe I’m just not a challenge girl!

So to my two songs….

1. Buddy Holly – True Love Wayshttp://m.youtube.com/index?gl=GB&hl=en-GB&desktop_uri=%2F%3Fgl%3DGB%26hl%3Den-GB#/home

I adore this song. My dad was a huge Buddy Holly fan so was familiar with pretty much his whole back catalogue and have always found his way with lyric and melody enchanting. Now me and The Bloke don’t have a huge crossover in musical taste and his greatest hits was about the only thing on the stereo in the car. It got to this song, we were driving a long country lanes,it was a lovely sunny day and I started to song each and every word. Instantly it sort of became our song, a summary of us, sneaking up quietly and unexpectedly, despite my efforts previously to find something to no success. Just such a beautiful old classic.

Lianne La Havas – Don’t Wake Me Uphttp://m.youtube.com/index?gl=GB&hl=en-GB&desktop_uri=%2F%3Fgl%3DGB%26hl%3Den-GB#/home
I adore this woman’s voice, she’s a current obsession of mine. This is probably my favourite sort of music – soulful,full of meaning and you can hear the emotion in every line. This sums up how I feel recently…songs are there for personal interpretation, and for me this song is all about love, all.consuming, wonderful love. A close second to this choice was Munford and Sons – I Will Wait…a fairly obvious choice to why I like that,if you take it to be about a long distance love affair, or even waiting for the love of your life.

This is why I love music….the meaning and feeling it can convey, and how through your own interpretation, it can mean something private to yourself.

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