Ten Day You Challenge – One Photo…


I have firmly decided to kick myself up the blogging backside and am using this now well-known challenge to get the old cogs working again. I contemplated finding a more long-term challenge, however, even I know that I’d never last the distance!

So, to day one and its challenge – one picture of myself. I felt like there wasn’t really any story I could tell with a picture of myself alone, or at least one that wasn’t a very long one. With that in mind, I chose a picture that both fulfills the requirement of featuring yours truly, yet also another subject whom I thought I’d quite like to talk about a little…SCN_0003

Dad and me…

I chose this picture for many reasons. Firstly, it shows my Dad exactly how I remember him best – a bit daft, alway being a bit silly. I really adored my dad, I most definitely was a daddy’s girl, and this picture shows it so well…us both reading the paper, my dad having a cup of tea and us just generally mucking about. I look quite a fair bit like my dad,  and often I can see how I resemble him…from expressions I pull, to the fact I tap my hand on my thigh when sat down and listening to music; to the fact I love cups of tea, reading and just generally pottering about of a weekend in places such as garden centres. I’ve inherited his nose, his love of cameras and being the picture taker rather than being in them, his love of cake and also an entire lack of remembering birthdays of non-immediate family members. There are many ways in which I’m not like him also, which my sister has inherited instead – she has his cleanliness streak, his level-headedness, his fondness for a wonderfully coordinated Christmas tree, his skill in being good with small children, his way of getting almost everyone to warm to him.

I really truly miss him…every single day I think of things I’d want to say to him, things I’d want to share. There is definitely a dad shaped hole in all of our lives….not just mine and my mum’s and sister’s but also the wider family. He was one of the family linchpins, and there is a gap where he should be. But I see him in so many of my family members…echoes of his numerous good qualities as well as the family nose. I no longer look in the mirror and hate my nose, because it was his too. I embrace how I am like him, celebrate in our sharedness. He is missed.

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