Taking A Peek At Curvissa Spring/Summer…

It isn’t a brand that I feature often on the blog, however whenever I get emails featuring their latest picks plop into my mailbox, I always seem to find something to like. Curvissa seems to be very good at those essential items every stylish girl needs, and particularly seems more than happy to embrace colour. And we know I like a bit of colour in my life!

I was checking my emails today when an email from them dropped in…in it was a really rather lovely message, but most importantly it featured some really rather awesome videos…

First up is their current ad…its filled with bright colours, vintage-y touches and pretty much a lovely, upbeat vibe…not to mention great clothes!


Secondly, I’ve been given access to the behind the scenes video of when they shot the ad…if you are all as interested as I am about what goes on in fashion shoots, this will be a treat indeed!


I’m sure that you’ll be as captivated as I was by the range, to see more head over to Curvissa’s website!

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