By George….

It may or may not have escaped your notice that I like George at Asda’s range. Mainly because it’s always with in my budget no matter what my bank balance is, it generally keeps up on the trends and I can buy clothes whilst doing my weekly shop which lately has been no bad thing. I’ve been able to get into their mainline ranges of clothing for the last year or so, but before that I’ve always gone there for things like shoes and bras. A longstanding champion of their less than a tenner ballet flats, tis me.

So, when I got the invite to head over to London to take a sneak peek at their high summer range, I was over the moon. It might sound silly, but for some reason I was really overwhelmed with being asked to go, never thought in a million years that they would! The day was billed as a non-stop summer extravaganza and that it was…all you needed was George Michael singing Club Tropicana and you could have been somewhere hot and sunny…in fact, it was actually lovely and sunny outside for a change!

I didn’t get there until the tail end of the event, simply due to having to head London way once I’d finished work, and after a wrong turn down one of the streets nearby, I was on Carnaby Street – a place with a long tradition of housing the most fashionable of London town. After a short lift ride, I walked into the room where it was all being held, albeit a bit of a nervous and sweaty wreck!

DSC_0283A room full of bloggers…I didnt talk to a single one….I was scared! But they did all seem nice…damn social anxiety!

DSC_0282 DSC_0277 DSC_0280

All the pretties….especially those rose gold flats!

DSC_0276 DSC_0273I want all the dresses. That is all.

DSC_0269 DSC_0274

DSC_0275Seriously loving the fluro sports-lux. Who’d have thunked?

DSC_0277 DSC_0271

Like almost everyone there, I was drawn to the spotty rucksack. It might just have to become mine…

DSC_0279I want this outfit badly. So badly.

The lovely George people had invited the Powderpuff Girls to come do hair, make-up or nails (not the actual Powderpuff girls, although kick ass cartoon characters would have been all kinds of awesome). I managed to get myself a slot to have my make-up done and not only did I enjoy a session of chatting with the mua, but I also got my whole look freshened up and polished by her…I came away looking just a little bit more awesome that I did that morning…

So, here’s some high res pics of my favourite pieces from the collections….


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