A Taste of India…

Now, it might have escaped your notice but I love tea. Ok, so it probably hasn’t at all, and despite some recent adjustments to my diet the one thing I’d never give up would be a good cuppa. I’ve been drinking it since little, and its been my one constant companion, good for gossiping, flirting and catching up over a fine bone-china cup of the stuff.

Since last year I’ve been educating my palate tea wise. Or just graduating to the hard stuff if you were to perhaps liken my desire for tea to an addiction. Bye bye English Breakfast, Hello Greys both Lady and Earl. A floral chorus of flavours lavender, rose and other such things. The teabag relegated to only when I’m too busy/knackered to brew a pot and tea-leaves being what fills my pot. It really does help that The Bloke is as much if not more so a fan of the humble brew. Oh, and having a few tea partners in crime doesn’t hurt either. It’s a bit like if you don’t like tea, you ain’t in my gang, sort of.

So, when Holly got in touch to ask if I’d like to sample some teas from a company called Tea India, I said hell yes. I don’t often accept things to review mainly because a) actually don’t get offered that much, b)often stuff which wouldn’t work for this blog and c)I’ve been pretty bad at reviewing stuff promptly due to my on-going now no longer mystery illness that had me doing an impression of a Victorian with consumption. Definitely sad times when even tea won’t do the trick!

It all arrived rather grandly…


Now, I will say that the one tea I’ve not been able to get into is Chai. I’d thought ‘Well, I’ll definitely like the black tea and can let The Bloke road test the Vanilla Chai’. That being said, I did thing that if I ever was going to like a chai, it’d be one with Vanilla in, given my current and ongoing obsession with vanilla syrup in coffees.



me enjoying said tea whilst looking suitably creative

I have to say I was very impressed with both teas indeed. The black tea lived up to what I expected – a fairly robust everyday tea that could be drunk in copious amounts all day long, just what the Sara ordered! However the jewel in the crown was the Vanilla Chai. Oh my word, sweet yet not over powering, a hint of something spicy yet not too much so…just heavenly really! I’d say it was a tea best drunk lunchtime onwards, definitely well suited to be savoured and lingered over, perfect for Afternoon tea!

The Bloke also enjoyed it enormously, in fact it became a bit of a running joke that unusually, when we had the Vanilla Chai in supply we had no debate over what tea was to be drunk whatsoever. Which does say rather a lot about this tea in that two people with usually differing opinions on what is the best tea flavour could so heartily agree!

There you have it – a tea that if I was to spy it in the supermarket I’d have to buy some, no matter the cost! I believe its in a supermarket near you as we speak, so highly commend buying any from this range if you do!

(I was given this tea to review, however all the words and opinions are my own)

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