Bunny Hop…

I really do struggle with the most simple of dilemmas most days in regards to this blog – there’s a huge part of me that wants this blog to be the best success it can be, and realises that means posting much more regularly and being more present both in terms of social media and reading other people’s blogs. But then there’s the other part which just struggles for concentration, or get inspiration when not able to actually sit down and blog, or gets energy at weird times when blogging just wont work. Oh the drama that I live. Must do better, a bit like my school reports always read!

So, here’s yet another outfit which I took the picture of several eons ago but still am wearing to death, one way or another.

 IMG_0854 IMG_0855

Rabbit Shirt: Asos Curve | Skirt: Asda | Necklace, Leggings and socks: Primark | Glasses: FCUK

(also featuring, inadvertently, Rory the cat!)

I really do love the print of this shirt, even so much as to ignore two things – one, that as you can see it strains over one of the buttons. Which is bizarre given that usually if I’m going to have issues with a shirt, it’d strain more from a higher point than where it does. The second issue is that it’s not exactly a crease-free fabric. Oh yes, I’m sure if one possessed an iron it’d be wrinkle-less, however I don’t so it is. I will say that it’s not too heavy but not too light a fabric so has been seeing me well over the winter and spring months. I’ve counteracted the button issue by tucking it into my skirt and then wearing a jumper on top because not quite ready for some VBO!

However this shirt has done one major thing for me sartorially – it’s turned me into a shirt lover! I’ve not really been an overt fan of shirts for many a year…I’ve dabbled a little with blouses in passing, but never proper shirts for quite some time (that might be due to my addiction to denim and checked ones in my fat hating teenage years!). I can’t help myself stop coveting anyone’s look that involves a bright knit and a gorgeous shirt,especially with pattern. I am indeed that weird girl who spends far too much time ogling other people’s jumper/shirt combos!

So there you have it, another one of my go-to outfits at the moment…many more shirts to come in the future quite possibly now I’ve become quite taken with them!

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