The Plus Size Work Wear Challenge – How To ‘Werk’ The Blazer!

So, a few weeks back I answered the call to be part of an excellent workwear challenge set up by Naomi of Diamonds ‘n’ Pearls. Having recently started a job that requires me to wear something assembling work wear, I am still in the stage where it’s all new and exciting to try to find something different to wear every day, but then just old enough for me to occasionally be like ‘meh. that’ll do’. Therefore, the idea of having to actually put thought into what I wore of a morning appealed greatly!

Now, this post is entitled how to work (sorry, my brain won’t let me type it that way, I copied and pasted the title because it went against my natural instincts!) a blazer. I don’t own one. I’ve not owned one since 1998 or thereabout and combined it with a shift dress. Thats not to say I don’t like blazers, it’s just I’ve yet to find one that I like. Hey, what if someone was to do a week-long challenge of lots of bloggers all wearing their own work blazers for inspiration? Wouldn’t that be great?

So, my newly purchase biker jacket stood in its place. As its short and fitted, in my warped logic that was good enough for a blazer stand in!




Jacket: New Look | Shirt and Skirt: George at Asda | Earrings: Primark

I do really, really apologise for the fact that although invisible to the naked eye, my sheer shirt has stains on when captured in picture…seriously, spilt stuff, sponged it off and hey presto, pops up when you take a picture of it. Oh, shucks, lets just say this is the outfit after a day of 9-5-ing somewhere particularly filthy. But being serious, the combo of jacket/shirt/skirt works particularly well for the office. Not to mention sheer layers are perfect, especially if you work somewhere that has broken air con/heating!

So, probably a C minus effort for the first week, am sure the other girls which I shall name check in a mo are much better efforts than mine! But currently am suffering with some sort of ongoing mystery illness – it’s why I’ve not posted before this for a while, and why posting this at all was a herculean effort. But its got me back into the swing of things and soon to be on full form, I hope!

So, should you want to check out the other girls, their links are handily below!

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