The Simply Be Party Dress Challenge…

So, a few weeks ago now, I got sent an email asking if I’d like to take part in a ‘find your perfect party dress’ challenge feature Simply Be were putting together. Which, I of course jumped at the chance to be a part of…given how much I adored the last dress I got from there. I was allowed to select the dress myself, so chose the Galatic Printed Cut Out Back Dress which had already been eyeing up…

So, yeah, probably a liiittle late on the blogging of this, but this is the first time I’ve worn this dress…I for some reason had it in my head that it deserved to be worn properly, with hair done nicely and a full face of make-up rather than what I try to pass off as ‘day-to-day natural’ but more likely comes across as what it is – day to day can’t be arsed upon occasions. Upon seeing it and trying it on, I knew this dress was really rather special, and maybe that’s what got me feeling the need to show it off as best as possible.

Anyway, today I went out with the Bloke to celebrate six months of being together, so I took the opportunity to road test this baby out. I shall show you the photographic results before saying what I thought about the fit and whatnot…


IMG_0850 IMG_0852

Dress: Simply Be | Glasses: French Connection at Specsavers | Jewellery: H Samuel

Can I just say right here and now I bloody adore this dress. Most of the dresses I’ve had recently have been of the slinky variety, in an attempt to both embrace the sexier side of me, and also because of falling foul to the Hendricks factor. However, there was a time where I wore only prom or skater or twirly floaty girly dresses. I in fact had a strapless black prom dress in the early Noughties which had a underskirt and used to make me feel demure and girly and sophisticated. I wore that bugger to death. This dress makes me feel exactly the same. Still as sexy as my other dresses, but in a different kind of way….more like I could twirl and twist the night away in a dance hall and be carried off in the arms of an elegant man. It’s the sort of dress that deserves to be topped by a jacket with some faux-fur on it. (I however wore my warm yet shabby winter coat.)

So, I probably should stop waxing lyrical and actually say what this dress was like to wear, apart from the whole feeling like a 50s goddess. Now, as a classic pear shape I have historically had a lot of issues with dresses. Namely in the gaping in the top but tight around the bottom fronts. This dress was not like that at all. It pulled me in around the waist/middle area, and then flared out to perfection at the right point. For reference, I’m 5ft7, and it came up about just above knee height on me, so if you’re taller/shorter, it’d fall differently of course. However I do believe lots of my fellow bloggers have got this dress or its previous pattern incarnation, so have a trawl and you should get a fairly good idea of how it’d fit.

I have only one niggle with this dress. And a small one at that. It fitted both my fairly sizeable backside and my not so sizeable chest, yet bizarrely the neckline was a little loose….I’d have liked it to have laid flat against my skin, however that doesn’t stop it being a truly wonderful dress. Maybe its due to lack of boobage.

Simply Be has various delivery options available right up until the 23rd, I believe, so go get your hands on this dress if it tickles your fancy. It sure as hell tickled both mine and someone else that might or might not be called the Bloke in this here blog.

3 thoughts on “The Simply Be Party Dress Challenge…

  1. Lovely photo – I love that angle of photo you take, shooting up, a) it makes your face look stunning, and b) the outfit is gorgeous.

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