Channelling Chanel…

There’s something I’ve never discussed on this blog, and that’s the labels which I love for their signature style and would happily remortgage stuff if I had anything to mortgage. Chanel is top of that list…I first encountered their 2.55 bag as a young girl on the arm of a lady of somewhat importance, and all things quilted have had me beguiled ever since. When I reached my early twenties and became familiar with fashion magazines and shows and films styled by Patricia Field, I fell head over heels in love with Chanel’s little black jackets and their many boucle items. There is just something timeless about Chanel…that you could wear it as both a young woman and an old lady and still look of the moment. Classic and classy, that’s what I say.

So, that all brings me to this outfit. I’ve been trying for a while to find Chanel esque pieces, on the budget to which I can afford. eagle-eyed readers will have spotted my beloved cream cardigan of the summer that had a mere nod to Chanel’s boucle elegance. Good Asda bargain, that. Recently and by recently I mean yesterday on Chattermonkey’ s blog, I spied a boucle jacket being sold by Marisota. Which might have to be mine sometime soon. However, I digress. Last month when off to stock up on some winter  knits (love and adore knitwear in winter. And the rest of the year actually), I spied this little beauty…



Cardigan and Shoes: George at Asda | Dress: Evans | Jewellery: Primark and Accessorize

How excited I got to see a long-sleeved version of my loved Asda cardigan but in classic Chanel-esque monochrome. So far this little beauty has been worn to death, working well as work smartness as well as classy casual wear. It’s also making me embrace other items of my wardrobe previously unworn to make the most of this little beauty. It’s likely to be a staple favourite for a while. Oh, and I think these pictures show off the new hair much, much better…

Are there any styles,trends or designers you’ve always coveted?

2 thoughts on “Channelling Chanel…

  1. Love this whole outfit – it’s amazing at the moment that supermarkets have some fantastic clothes in (particularly for ladies). I love a good cardigan – and this certainly is a good cardigan!

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