Bridge of Iron…

One Sunday an eon ago me and the Bloke went off for a trip to Ironbridge. Now if you’ve not gotten on the bandwagon of ‘going places your Nan would have gone and wandering about and drinking much tea’, then you’re missing out. You can keep your all-night raves or cocktails in a slick bar, I’m much more at home strolling about hand in hand while taking in all this country has to offer (pssst….am only kidding about keeping the cocktails…by night I fully have the capacity to turn into a proper city girl).

Luckily we were blessed with the perfect weather – cold so can wear much things of knittedness, but not raining and therefore ruining your hair. Not that the Bloke would mind if it had of rained….he’s pretty much the opposite of me in that practicality and keeping warm and dry wins over outfit that works hard. Which, fyi, he finds amusing when I’m all ‘I’m cold, and wet, and my feet hurt’ and he can point out how impractically I’m dressed. Although have fixed one of those matters, but that’s for another post entirely!

So, here’s the best of the pictures we took whilst enjoying the Derbyshire delights of Ironbridge.





Ironbridge’s famous namesake….and very pretty it is too…


Where we stopped for tea…can highly recommend it…has a shop that is proper old-fashioned and has every tea you could imagine, and then a tea-shop that is cosy and exactly how it should be…


Some of the iron work of the bridge up close….so pretty!

IMG_0738 IMG_0739

The bridge’s tollhouse. Which would happily live in, if such a thing was possible…

So there you have it…much enjoyment was had by the Bloke and I….would highly recommend a wander around Ironbridge and its delights!

3 thoughts on “Bridge of Iron…

  1. Loving Ironbridge – my wife and I went there 7 years ago when we first got together, and we had such a lovely day there. I fondly remember the abandoned house we considered having a look around, and the paths and trails that were so quiet, with quaint old style buildings, etc. We found Ironbridge a delight – and it has its own local brewery now.

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