Two Looks, Much Smiling…

 So, am continuing to plough through the backlog of pictures I’ve had languishing on my hard drive…definitely must resolve to post said pictures along with words when I actually take them!

Today’s post is a couple of outfits I wore a while ago…and by while I mean early November. Bad me for taking this long!

IMG_0725 IMG_0726

Jumper: Simply Be | Jeans: Evans | Jewellery Primark and Tesco |Glasses: Gok Wan for Specsavers

I really like the simplicity of this outfit, and am a sucker for a bit of primary colour combinations…in particular navy is tieing with oxblood for my favourite colour of the moment. Fact. I’m actually quite pleased that I’m still wearing this jumper a fair bit…it shows that whilst I still love buying new clothes, over the last year my pledge to myself to only buy stuff I really love is working well. This owl necklace is likely to have some new woodland friends soon…I am going crazy for that trend which seems to be about right now.



Top: Evans | Glasses: French Connection for Specsavers

This top is one that until quite recently I’d not really favoured very much. In actual fact I’d almost entirely consigned to the ‘wear for an interview or such like but not in actual day to day-ness.’ However, now that one has an office job and also is on the path to librarian style attire at all times, it very much so fits in with my style remit. Oh, and its a bad picture of such a thing because hadn’t styled it properly, but my hair is post chop….currently trying to decide on how to dye it…answers on a postcard ladies and gentlemen

Toddle pip!

p.s if you think ‘oh she seems to be smiling a lot more in pictures these days’, that would be because a sexy Bloke shaped man now takes my ootd pics. Hard not to smile when the photographer pays you compliments you can kiss him for in return.

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