A trip north part three…

After a marvelous lunch at the aforementioned Nidd Hall, we hotfooted it over to Harrogate. Now, Harrogate is a place I’ve been wanting to visit for ages, mainly for a visit to Betty’s tea room. Although that was far too busy and would have taken up all out alloted time there so we went to Starbucks instead. Yes am a bad bad tea drinker but would go in a heartbeat should we go that neck of the woods any time in the future.

So mostly we spent the few hours wandering around in the typically cold Yorkshire weather, browsing bits and pieces that took our eyes, the ever-sporting Bloke taking snaps when asked..

IMG_0713 IMG_0712

It was then back onto the coach, entertained by Pete the driver’s commentary. I should have mentioned Pete before.now as he was a highlight of the trip. He clearly was mostly reading from the coach company’s script but every so often he’d ad lib, to hilarious effect. Topics included “how women wore big frocks and couldn’t get through door in olden days, and everyone was deaf from machinery in’t industrial revolution”, “when all those Asians ran women of the night out of Bradford”, “we’re isn’t Bronte country…that sister wot wrote Pride and Predjudice or summat”. Should point out that as Pete was a proud Bradfordian, so I think tried but failed to add local flavour. Our hostess on the coach was his wife Wendy, whom seemed to find Bonnie Tyler in the mid-eighties an appropriate style influence. Top Pete ‘n’ Wendy moment was when she rang him whilst he was driving us to Harrogate, having gone on ahead…and he answered the phone whilst driving the coach. Class. Wendy was very fond of shopping, we bumped into her at every shopping location.

Once we were back at the hotel, which was a lovely Marriott hotel, there was time to unwind.and relax, or in my case, spend a fair time getting ready for dinner. I love dressing for dinner, its something I’ve done since I was little. Having forced, ermm I mean gently persuaded the Bloke to do the same we headed off for a evening of all loveliness and merriment, which was not even spoiled by dinner mix-ups.

It meant I got to wear my new Simply Be dress, which made me a happy girl indeed….


Dress: Simply Be, Shoes: Clarks, Jewellery: Accessorize

Having lost a bit of weight, my beloved black body-con.dress had become a little loose so ended up buying this lovely to replace it. It fitted like a dream, I felt supported by it in all the right places, and the neck line and length hinted at things.rather than showing them.off. one of my ambitions is to channel Christina Hendricks, moreover her Mad Men alter-ego Joan Harris. This dress made me feel as sultry and glamorous as her…that I could slink my way around life. The fabric was incredibly soft and not at all constricting, which has always been somewhat a concern with bodycon dresses in general. The print is stunning….the bold Dolce and Gabanna florals suiting my frame perfectly ; the colours a perfect autumn/winter palette. To say I’m a little in love with this dress would be understating it a fair bit. A quick note for those with man-friends/husbands/partners – they will very much so like you in this dress. The Bloke gave it the thumbs up and I can see how its one of those dresses which make women feel.good about themselves by fitting so beautifully, and just makes people compliment them because of said fitting well.

All I can say is that dress is definitely top of my favourite items of.clothing list atm. Bravo Simply Be.

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