A Trip North Part Two…

So, having enjoyed the delights of Knaresborough, we then all hauled our backsides of varying ages onto the coach once more and headed off to Nidd Hall, which was one of those Warner Hotel places…in other words some place that was once a posh person’s home but now offers luxury comfort to all. We were only expecting a brief lunch stop there but actually were there for longer. And that was no bad thing…the place was lovely and I indulged my inner Lady Mary/Matthew Crawley fantasies (only in my head, dear reader!)

I had been to a Warner place before…my best friend got married in Thoresby Hall and to an extent, the Warner brand was in full force…certain bits felt strangely familiar. However, there was still plenty of Nidd Hall’s own character to make it an enjoyable extended interlude.

The Bloke took many a picture at my bequest and I shall now share some with you…



Not usually a church sort of girl, but this one was really pretty…

IMG_0692 IMG_0693could quite happily live in this cottage…presume it belonged to one of the staff back in days long since gone…



The stables both inside and out. No horses except ones made of wicker.


A chicken that was wandering about the place. It had a limp…think the Bloke would have very much so liked to have rescued it along with an owl that was in an aviary in the gardens.

IMG_0701 IMG_0700 IMG_0703

Some shots of the front grounds of Nidd Hall..including a peek of our coach which Pete the Driver washed while we were there…that’s dedication, washing the coach mid-tour!


Doorbell to the front of the house…I imagined pressing it and the Crawleys appearing (not Downton obsessed at all…)

IMG_0706 IMG_0707 IMG_0708 IMG_0709 IMG_0711

Shots of the gardens at the back of the house…imagined myself wandering around them in’t big frock, like.


So, my lovely friends, that’s it for part two…the final installment to shortly follow (and sorry for the massive delay between parts one and two…life’s been busy, blah blah, etc etc).


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