A trip north part one….

A fair old time ago now I went on a weekend away to the Yorkshire Dales with the Bloke…now anyone that knows me that I’m very fond of northerness, so a luxury coach trip to such places as Knaresborough, Harrogate and Skipton was right up my alley. Yes, I did indeed go on a (non-guided) coach trip. Coach trips are cool.

Most of our tootling about was on the Saturday, part of which was when we visited Knaresborough. Its a market town, if you’re not famillar with it, and had a very enjoyable morning wandering around in the perfect cold but not raining Yorkshire weather with the Bloke. Very lovely indeed.

where we stopped for tea…as you have to when wandering about…


It was like they knew I was coming!!


Not a vintage clock, but I still rather liked it…

This shop was really, really lovely…could have spent both hours and a fortune in there if I’d let myself!

Why a picture of a chemist, you ask. Well, we had a coach driver who gave the most hilarious but not in a good way commentary on the places we were heading to, and referenced this as the oldest chemist in England…going on at length about how they sold all the old remedies, including sheeps bladders condoms. Which made the rest of the much older fellow passengers all turn around and look at the bloke and I at that point. Cue me being bright red with embarrasment and hoping my chair would turn into an escape pod. Nothing quite like twenty or so people all staring at you to put you on the spot!

So, more of my adventures north tomorrow….lots of beautiful scenery and me in a nice frock!

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