How to work it well….

Here we are again, two days in a row – yes, definitely got the muse back in my blogging zone. It’s really nice to have the inspiration back in my life again, actually…I’ve been somewhat frustrated that I’ve had some great pictures (The Bloke takes a mean picture. Serious skills.) but not the words for them in my head. Yes, I know most fashion blogs keep the words down to a minimum, but like I’ve said many, many times before, I consider myself a writer first and a photographer second. So, if the words aint flowing, then there be trouble ahead, so to speak.

Another work based outfit today…as I’ve said yesterday, most of the pictures over the next few days were taken over the last couple of weeks and have sent languishing on various media cards until I could blog them. These being no exceptions in the slightest.

Top, Cardigan and Trousers: Evans | Jewellery: H Samuels (gift) | Glasses: Specsavers

I really, really like this look…you can’t really tell but the trousers are in fact grey, not black. It’s not often I go for a monochrome look, but it was nice to change it up. Also, really think I actually did a good job on the makeup front in this picture…probably why I’m smiling so much, am thinking ‘yay, hair and makeup hasn’t been bodged by me, woohoo!!’

But yes. Work wear or its closest cousin for the win. I’ve a smart casual dress code at work, how would you interpret that if you had similar rules at your own employers?

Bye for now!!

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