Review: Simply Be wine coloured jeans…

So, it wont have escaped your notice that the current state of my numerous pairs of jeans is a little bit like my bra collection….some that are comfortable and look fairly serviceable but aren’t that stylish or have seen much better days and really should be binned entirely. Well, you’d not know about the bra bit, I’ve yet to be as brave as the lovely ladies that are behind the ace bra blogs Curvy Wordy or Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. In fact I really wont be showing you the things I use to hoist my boobs up anytime soon as I’d be done for crimes against them if I dared.

Anyway, I digress. With both of the aforementioned items of clothing, the reason they’re in such a bad way is because they’re probably the things where when you lose a bit of weight, its most noticeable. When it comes to tops, skirts and dresses hemlines just get a bit longer or sleeves a little looser and it works fine. Not to mention I tend to gravitate towards those things more than jeans or bras so I own some in various shapes and sizes, and thus have dug out some stuff that previously didn’t fit and now does.

Which brings me to my recent purchase of these gorgeous jeans. I don’t know why but every autumn/winter I get drawn to well, autumnal colours such as berry shades or mustards and navys. These skinny lovelies had me at hello and soon ended up being ordered.

When they arrived, I was not disappointed. I will say that the picture on the website has a much better depiction of their true colour than my pictures….but I’ll happily wax lyrical on how amazing a hue they are if needs be. I went for the 30″ inch leg length as despite being 5ft7, I’ve got rather short legs. The length was perfect on me, having just a bit of extraness in case I wanted to wear heels with them –  we know there’s nothing more annoying than too short jeans after all!

In terms of sizing they glided on with ease…I’d taken a punt and ordered the 26, despite having not worn anything less than a 28 in years….I did worry as they were skinnies that maybe I’d need to size-up or in fact stay at my ‘correct’ size, but rather the opposite…they’ve a tiny bit of elastic in the sides so I could have easily gotten away with a 24. In fact, on me they were still a tiny bit loose in places, so think maybe I’m now a 24 in trousers anyway. But all that aside, they felt amazing on and I wore them two days running!

As they’re a dark colour but not traditional denim colours, I felt smart enough in them at work but easily they could be styled down for casual weekendness, or styled up for glam on the town-ness. If you cannot tell, I’m a little bit in love with these jeans.

Finally, the bloke took these pics, and then went on about exposure saying he’d changed the focus from my body to my face in the pictures. I cannot tell any difference, nor did I know my phone camera could do that, so all that shows he’s a much better photographer than I!

Top:Evans | Jeans: Simply Be | Jewellery: Marks and Spencer | Glasses: Gok Wan for Specsavers

6 thoughts on “Review: Simply Be wine coloured jeans…

  1. You are looking amazing lady!! Love this outfit and you look completely different with your hair pulled off your face. I’m also loving the current flurry of posts – I’ve missed your fabulous writings. 🙂

  2. Oooh, these are some good jeans, they look rather winsome with your sweater/blouse combo and your fabulous new glasses. A* for academic elegance 🙂

    Jem xXx

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