Pink to make the boys wink…

It will have not escaped your notice that I bloody blooming love this cardigan and top. Alongside my black bodycon dress from and my navy and cream polka dot tunic from Yours (they call it a dress but I refuse to believe that it is simply because it’s so short!), they’re items that I can pull on and feel smart and sexy and chic all at the same time.

So, that being said, these beauties were no brainers when it came to clothes to wear to the new job. However, my first attempt on Friday was an epic fail as managed to spill my lunch down them and thus rendered them unwearable. But hey ho, I wore what I blogged yesterday instead so still a great outfit day. Try number two was Monday, and it went much better…well apart from the fire alarm going off, standing outside in the pouring rain in just the sheer shirt and then managing to get dirt on it when I stood against a wall to try to not develop hypothermia. Luckily a trip to the loos meant I got that out, though!

Cardigan: George at Asda | Shirt: New Look | Jewellery: Primark and Accessorize | Trousers (not seen): Evans | Shoes (not seen): George at Asda

There you have it….my Monday OOTD. On a Thursday. Oh well, I’m sure I shall manage to catch up and blog what I’m wearing on the day I wear it before too long!

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