Back in Business(wear)…

I’ve started a new job. That comes with a swanky headset and everything. I’m just in training at the moment, but really loving the change of pace…as you may or may not know, I’ve never had an office job but have always wanted something more like that, and now I’ve got it. Seriously folks, with the man I’m very lucky to have found and the job, I keep expecting something to go really wrong….I don’t tend to have things go so swimmingly! Lets just pretend that I think it’s a lifetime of god luck coming at once to counter-balance the bad. (which I dont because that would be silly!)

So, I’m still figuring out the best place to capture my OOTDs…this picture is actually from last week, as was yesterday’s post…forgive me that as I had to figure out how to manage to get the pics onto old WordPress (it involved a complicated system of using the mobile app and then typing up on the desktop site. gah.)

Coat, Top, Jeans: Evans | Bag: Ted Baker | Shoes: George at Asda

I have to take a moment to talk about the bag. I bloody love that bag. It makes me feel like my outfit is expensive and I am polished even if I am wearing jeans that are far too baggy to say they’re supposed to be skinny ones (oh the pitfalls of having decreased in size a tad). Its massive though….properly huge, and in fact I keep getting stuck in the turnstile gates at work because of it. Yet I shall not waver in my dedication to the bag, despite it making me make a prat of myself or the fact its large enough for a cat to fit in (yes, one of The Bloke’s cats did indeed try to get in it. I consider her to be a cat of impeccable taste!).

However despite this beauty I’m still lusting after other bags….just for practicality reasons, of course. *looks shifty*

Until another day, dear readers!

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