The big move….

So, if you’ve been paying attention and follow me on twitter or a Facebook friend of mine, my long running adventures in romance wont have escaped your notice. It’s funny to think back to roughly this time last year, when I’d just written my 30 before 30 but was still feeling all ‘blah my life needs much more going on it’.

So, one of the many, many reasons I’ve been quiet on the old blog front over the last few weeks is just a week ago I managed to end up with my life changing quite dramatically. I feel a bit like ‘so, those two big ‘uns from the olde 30 before 30 weren’t so unachievable afterall’.

Firstly, I’ve moved from East Midlands to West Midlands…yes, it’s not the other end of the country or owt, but as a girl who’s never moved out of Nottinghamshire, moving to Stafford was pretty monumental in itself. But then when you add-on the extra layer of said move being so I could live with the bloke, its fricking huge! I’m still completely astounded that I’ve managed to achieve such dizzy heights of loved-up-ness in such a short space of time whilst also it feeling a bit like it’s always been this way. Ok, enough of the mushy stuff!

Secondly, I’ve a brand spanking new job! More sociable hours, more taxing on the old grey cells but most importantly of all – NO UNIFORM!! I’ve never had a job where I could wear my own clothes, and I’ve always felt that has been one of the biggest things preventing me from blogging more frequently because of not feeling like getting changed just to post when I’d later have to crawl into my prescribed workwear. All the joy and many hurrahs indeed.

So, I shall give you a little tour of my new living space….I’ve only partially moved in, as loads of my crap, ahem I mean stuff, is still at my mum’s and there has been some temporary storage solutions conjured up given how swift my moving in was, but I shall show you my little corners of space nonetheless.

image A peek inside my wardrobe that is canvas like. Prizes (or not) for those that spot previous blog outfits.


All my bits and bobs stored neatly inside. Who knew perspex boxes were the answers to keeping contents tidy?!



One way to tell I’ve made myself at home – my books on a shelf in their correct alphabetized and sectioned order!


And here’s the second way to tell I’ve made myself at home –  my mug in the cupboard!

So I’ve yet to perfect the perfect place for taking blog pictures…currently am using a mixture of the long mirror in various loos I happen to frequent and against the wardrobe in the bedroom at home (the latter being a case of me roping the bloke into picture take for me). I think I do need to find the perfect spot that I’m happy with….sort of miss my previous one! Also, if the quality of my pictures suck at the moment, it’s because whilst I remembered to transport my camera, I left its memory card and memory card thing for sticking in a computer in well, my computer. Hopefully both memory card and computer in which it lives shall be fetched this weekend – hurrah!

All of that ramble was me working my way up to producing one said outfit picture for you by the way.

Cardigan and Top: Evans| Skirt :| Glasses: French Connection for Specsavers| Jewellery:Topshop and Primark | Shoes (unseen): Asda

I’ve definitely warmed to the constant glasses wearing….but then when you receive many a compliment, that helps endear you to the wearing of something! I’ve not tried this top with this skirt before this outfit, but once I did I was a bit like ‘ooh, why didn’t I think of that before?’

So thats it you lovely people….more tomorrow. Toodlepip!

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