A night on the tiles and other events of the week….


Dress/tunic: Yours | Leggings: Evans | Shoes: Clarks | Jewellery: Primark and Accessorize


Having a really bad hair day in this picture here, mainly because of those pesky spilt ends (oh how one dreams of perfect conditioned ombre ends!); however had an amazing makeup day…looook at those eyes! Definitely getting my money out of that M.U.A Undressed palette (is it wrong I still long for an Urban Decay Naked palette though?)

Anyway, hullo love readers! I went up town on Friday, for dinner (that’s right dinner not tea. That’s what an evening meal is called) and a few drinks with the bloke. It was a really lovely evening, albeit very busy in the good old city centre. In fact, it was when I realised I am getting old…rejected places on grounds that they were too noisy or there was no room to sit. Oh deary me! As you can see I put my finest glad rags on for such an evening…despite the bad hair day one felt like they looked very nice indeed.

In other news, I’ve new glasses!! Eagled eyed readers will notice I very rarely post pictures with me wearing my specs and that’s because I didn’t particularly like them…that and I hadn’t had new lenses for about six years so didn’t really see much better with them on than without. But now I’ve shiny new ones that I can actually see  out of!! So now very much so ready to embrace my glasses wearing.

My new Gok Wan glasses…would go well with something else he produces for a well-known plus size retailer. That and nothing else *winks knowingly*

My new French Connection glasses…no excuses for owning something French Connection made as already do! Great reason to accessorize an outfit though!

Finally, nearly bought *that* Primark bag…you know, that one that tis a copy of one from another high street retailer that has achieved cult status. But, definitely another sign of old age is that I decided it just wasnt well made enough for me to part with the cash when there are so many better versions about. So am going to save up my pennies for one of these bad boys….

Mari Tote – Accessorize £38

So on that note, one is toddling off to go ogle other such sartorial or retail delights. Toodle pip!

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