When I grow up I want to be….

I’ve always had a fascination with libraries. To me they are a place of wonder, and have served me well over the years, from helping to fuel my childhood reading obsession to printing off my school homework back in the dark ages when hardly anyone had a computer at home; from the large and spacious university library in which I had far too good a time chatting to friends when I should have been working to today’s library trips to pick up a book or ten. I firmly believe that they should be used far, far more often and every time I hear one is being closed or its hours restricted, there’s a part of me that weeps, thinking of how it might mean someone misses out on truly getting a passion for reading.

I’d really, really love to be a librarian, actually. I’d even dress like one all the time if I could…or at least a librarian in like the 1940s. However, its yet not to be, although I linger on in hope that some day I’ll achieve my goal. I keep thinking it might mean I have to go back to education to become more qualified in some sort of way…

Anyway, I digress. Knowing my adoration of all things library and my desire to become such a worker, I received this as a birthday present…

The ever lovely Jem gave it me, making me the first proud owner of one of her vintage school badges, which you can purchase here  should you decide you’d like one similar of your own. Anyway, I was very chuffed to receive it, given it showed how well she knew me plus the fact it was a bit of vintage – there’s no safety catch on the end of the pin bit, its that old!

I’ve gotten a couple of compliments whilst wearing it out and about today, which was nice…it seems to evoke people going ‘oh, we used to have badges like that at school’ and usually accompanied by a misty-eyed look, which made me smile in return.

Cardigan – Asda | Top –  Evans | Skirt – Evans | Leggings – Primark | Shoes – Asda | Necklace – gift from sister | Earrings – Primark | Badge – Beautiful Clutter

This is how I styled it up today, however, for its full potential I think I need much colder weather. Whilst out shopping today, my eye kept getting drawn to all the berry colours and heritage styling about, which got me thinking about how I would style my beloved new badge if I was picking from the new A/W collections about (in other words, in my head I’m playing ‘what I’d wear if I was a librarian).

stag print blouse – Next £26

worn with

Pleated skirt – Simply Be £35 


Cepa sheer polka dot skirt – Carmakoma £63.61

This coat I find gorgeous although am also in love with the Clements Riberio Swan duffle coat as well…

Duffle Coat – Next £52-£55

Bluebird grey tailored suiting dress – £137.95

Iris cardigan – £95.97, Avocet skirt – £106.09

Bird Jersey Kimono jacket – Anna Scholz £169

Baker Street Medium Frame Grab Bag in bitter chocolate- Radley £249

Yes I do realise that actually librarianship does not pay that well and thus most likely would not accomodate my expensive tastes nor would everything I’d want to wear as a librarian would strictly follow the dress codes they’re likely to have. Oh well. A girl can dream.

4 thoughts on “When I grow up I want to be….

  1. Wouldn’t it look perfect with that stag blouse?! Naturally love the Radley bag too, oh how much I could spend in there if I were a richer 🙂

    I’m so glad you love the badge as much as you do! The moment I saw it I knew it was going nowhere near my shop and would have to belong to you!

    Jem xXx

  2. I love the library all those stories in one place. I used to spend alot of time in the library with my grandad so I always have fond memories. I love your brooch it seems the perfect gift for you xx

  3. Hello lovely, I like your new blog look. I’ve been away too long. I was one of the school librarians in sixth form, it was great fun and meant that we had somewhere warm to hang out at lunch rather than being kicked out in the freezing Welsh rain! Also we cancelled all our friends’ fines. Aah happy days…

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