Plus Size Swimwear Challenge – Elomi

I’m a teeny tiny bit late with posting my verdict on what I was sent by the lovely people over at Elomi. I’d been super excited when I heard we were being sent stuff from them, as have oggled their lingerie plenty when at Plus London Two but didn’t manage to get a fitting, and even more so drooled over their swimwear when Bethany rocked it as you can see here

So here’s a few pictures of me in what I got sent. I received Isis Aubergine Swim Bra, Isis Aubergine Traditional Brief and Maderia Flared Tankini




Well, I have to say that I really was incredibly impressed with how I looked in the items…now, these pictures don’t entirely do it justice because I am not looking my best (ongoing health issues blah blah blah), but I’ve not worn a bikini in about oooh, 20 years so the fact I loved this one so much is a testament to its quality. I felt like my boobs looked particularly fantastic and its made me want to get an Elomi bra…in fact I’ve been tempted to just wear the swim bra in the meantime because it does such wonders for my bangers! However, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the tankini top….I felt like its style was a little bit old for me, and that because of where the hem lay, it draws your eye to my widest part. But yes, I think the classic styling of the bra and briefs in particular will mean they endure the years style wise, methinks 4.5/5


In-fucking-credible, pardon my french. I struggle with normal bras, never mind swim ones, but the fact I felt like it fitted like a glove made me really impressed. Also, because of my pear shape, usually I find swimsuits won’t fit in some area, but clearly going with two pieces is the way to go for me…the briefs were a perfect fit and never once rode up one’s backside, which usually happens for me with swimwear. The tankini top was a little loose on me, which is probably mostly down to the fact I’ve lost a bit of weight since putting in my size for it. 4/5


Seriously ladies, invest in these if you want the most comfortable swimwear you’ve ever owned. I’ve always struggled with swimwear, getting either looks but not comfort or vice versa. I really could wear these all day long and never once feel like they were digging in or riding up or cutting into me, yet still feeling like I was held in where it matters. I wore them to my local swimming baths, however I feel like I’d be just as comfortable in them for a day lazing around a pool somewhere. 5/5


All my vital bits were covered. I felt like a million pounds. No popping out or flopping about of the breasticals which given that they’re a bit on the small side, usually they do when in swimwear. Also, no disappearing up the old bum, so felt like it was well covered by the gorgeous purple fabric. 5/5


Amazing. I went swimming with my sister to try it all out, and I felt like it endured the most lengths I’ve ever done incredibly well. Despite it having such a glamorous appearance, these items are truly versatile, keeping up well with dashing up and down the local pool. My only gripe is that the waistband of the briefs rode down a little when wet, however I think that’s to do with how it sat on me, and I’m definitely thinking of getting the high-waisted briefs from the range to rectify this! 4.5/5


At full price, the swim bra comes in at £38, the briefs at £30 and the tankini at £66. However, the bra and tankini appear to be in the sale, coming in at £19 for the bra and £33 for the tankini. Regardless, I think given how amazing they all are, it still represents good value for money even at full price. I always do a price per wear thing in my head when it comes to working out whether something is good value for money, and I know that I’ll be wearing these bad boys for as long as they fit me given how fantastic they are combined with their classic style 4.5/5

So there you have it….clearly these were my favourites out of all the ones I’ve reviewed, looking at the scores. If you want to see how my fellow swimwear babes rated them, click their links below.

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6 thoughts on “Plus Size Swimwear Challenge – Elomi

  1. Looking good! The bikini (I refuse to call it a fatkini – why should it be different depending on your size?!) fits you really well! I may have to buy one (I keep saying that!).

  2. I like both suits – the pattern on the second is so up my street, but the bikini looks great on you and the colour really works too 🙂

    Jem xXx

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