Now I am 30 – A 30 before 30 round up…

It may or may not have escaped your notice that about a week and half ago I turned the big 3-0. Something that I’d been dreading for many many months but then when last it arrived I really wasn’t that fussed, in fact instead positively ready to embrace my third decade.

Was it really only eleven months ago that I set those goals? Because it entirely feels like a life time ago. No kidding at all. So, best get down to seeing if I accomplished much at all…I’m reviewing the list as I type, so even I’ve no clue how I’ve done at this exact second in time…

1. Lose weight 

Well, I’ve done well on this one actually. This was more shorthand for getting healthy and that I’ve done. I’ve changed my eating habits really rather a lot, started actually doing some exercise. I’ve managed to go on a four and half mile walk which I couldn’t have done this time last year, and all other things active that I just didn’t think possible. I’ve become a vegetarian as well, so I feel good about the fact I’m putting my money where my mouth is in the principles stakes. So yeah, as much as I loathe talking actual weight stats on here, I’ve now lost about three stone in the last few months, but more importantly feel fitter and healthier.

2. Get a career

Yeaaaaahhhh….still same old same old. Except at least I know what I’d like to be doing, which is more than I did this time last year.

3. Go on lots of dates | 4. Be set up on dates by friends | 5. Go speed dating

I did indeed do just that in regards to 3. I discovered all the many and marvellous ways of dating online, and through them well and truly threw myself out there. I never did either 4 or 5 however I’m still considering them done sort of because 3,4 and 5 were always just code for ‘find myself that grand romance I’ve always wanted more than anything.’ And I have. I feel like a very lucky girl indeed to have someone in my life that I would happily spend the rest of my days with. Ok, enough mushy stuff, moving along!

6. Write a blog entry every couple of days 

Yeah, I kind of knew this was setting myself up for a fall when I wrote it, but I’ve certainly blogged a lot more in the last eleven months than I had in the previous eleven, and currently feeling a whole load of new love for this little old blog since giving it a revamp, so I’m hoping this time next year I can say that I blog often.

7.  Dye my hair a different colour | 8. Get hair cut in non fat flattering but fashionable way

I lopped off my long blonde tresses into a brown bob. Was scary but proud of myself for doing so. Am currently contemplating my next hair move…I’m continually drawn to one of two things – either some ombre action now my hair is a bit lighter or going for some sort of unusual colour that just about can be classed as ‘natural’ colouring.

9. Make all my christmas cards

Didnt do it. There’s always this year. Unlikely though.

10. Tell people I love them once a week

I think I’m fairly covered on this one….as currently I tell some people who I do every day. Feeling the love, people, muchly.

11. Quit online gaming for good

It took a while, and a few slips back but I can say that I’ve finally kicked the habit. My feelings on this one is that it was a crutch when I was very unhappy with my life in its entirety, and as I’ve gotten happier, I’ve needed it less and less. Not to mention, I seem to be too busy with other things to be sat at a computer for hours and hours and hours on end.

12. Read all the books in one of those 100 best books of all time things

I haven’t but I’ve definitely improved my reading habits, steering away from fluffy fiction and trying to read only stuff that is well written. Means I read slightly less, but my brain feels all the better for it.

13. Join a choir or singing group

Now, this one didn’t get completed for one good reason – there are none I could find in my area that didn’t clash with work when I made efforts to find one. So at least I made efforts to achieve it!

14. Join a book club

I went one better and joined a writing club, which I went to for a little while. Consider this one done!

15. Ebay/carboot all my hoarded stuff

I’ve taken a few pictures in the idea of ebaying but yet to achieve actual uploading and selling….think I might have a blog sale at some point perhaps.

16. Organise a bloggers event

Yup, didn’t do this at all. But then I think there are others that can do far better at such things than yours truly!

17. Attend a convention of the sci-fi/comic kind

Nope, didn’t do this one but that’s mainly because I’ve yet to find a british one that takes my fancy and can’t afford to go to an american one. Think this will be a long-term goal to pursue methinks!

18. Take up dance classes

I’d forgotten this was even on the list. I’ve done plenty of dancing whilst out, does that count? No?

19. Implement a ‘do I need or do I want’ policy to shopping in an order to not buy stuff I don’t need

I’ve pretty much done that….I’ve not really spent that much as I don’t have that much money to spend. There’s room for improvement, obviously, because  don’t think I’ll ever be brilliant with money.

20. Eat a curry

Finally! Another one I’ve actually done!! All it took was mentioning I’d never had one and it was on my 30 before 30 and hey presto, it was provided for me…awwww

21. Make a cake

Yeah, not done this. Unless making cakes at work counts, but don’t think it does.

22. Learn to knit

Didnt do this either, but I did ask the one knitter I know (my mum) to teach me but to no avail. Probably should hunt down some knitting classes or something in the future.

23. Conquer my fear of heights

See, I’d actually forgotten that this was on this list. But any of you that have read my post on my trip to Snowdon will know I’ve actually done fairly well on this…continue to not be afraid of things that I’d originally thought I would be, going on how I used to be. I’m thinking of trying a theme park as a true test of whether its fully gone, as rides have always been the thing I couldn’t do for love nor money. But in terms of walking across bridges and standing on high places, I’m ok with them now.

24. Start letter writing to my favourite people

I’ve written but not posted one to Jem (sorry lovely, I’ll give it to you in person!) and I’ve a super secret letter writing thing up my sleeve atm for a certain someone while they’re not about…shuuuusssshhhhh…. (yes, technically that past the 30 deadline, but hey, achieving things is the aim, right?)

25. Buy a decent camera

Am still poor, thus cannot afford one. However, I have unearthed my dad’s old one which is fairly good – just need to get a usb cable for it as it doesn’t have one.

26.  Be brave and hit the streets to stop other plus size people who are looking fierce

I’ve yet to be brave enough to do this….but I do spot lots of lovely plus size ladies when I’m out and about that I’d consider to have style I’d want to steal. A project for the future perhaps…

27. Draw up a map of places and attractions I want to visit in the UK and go to them all

So, I’ve sort of done this, because in my head I’d remembered this as ‘go lots of different places’. I’ve been to many different cities and towns that I’d not been before, and the adventuring about the place is still ongoing, so I consider this one done and dusted

28. Go out of an evening at least once a week, money allowing

Or otherwise known as ‘get a social life’. I’ve smashed this one, given that I’m only home half the time these days…I do feel like I’m getting out and seeing people, which I didn’t way back when I first wrote the list

29. Save up for a rainy day

Bugger the rain, I’m poor….my megre earnings are needed right now!

30. Have a party on my 30th

So, I didn’t have a party. I did however have three days of celebrations, of which I’m intending to blog about soonest. It included two nights out, an afternoon of lovely family-ness and a day with one of the ace-est people ever. I’ve been heard to say that my 30th was the best birthday by far, beating my previous favourite birthday (my 21st). All in all, box ticked in my opinion.

There you have it. I feel like I’ve actually done a fair chunk of the list, and certainly feel proud of myself as I’ve achieved some of the ones I thought were impossible (romance and heights, I’m looking at you). I’d definitely set myself a list of goals again sometime soon, but maybe after a rest of just enjoying what life is bringing me right now.


4 thoughts on “Now I am 30 – A 30 before 30 round up…

  1. I think this was a fantastic idea, you managed to complete a good chunk of the things on your list and most of the ones you haven’t completed you have made a start on which I think makes them a success. Reading this makes me wish I’d thought to do something similar before my 21st but with only 118 days to go i’m not quite sure i’d manage 21 things.

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