So, hello there! Its been a while, once again; for which one is dreadfully apologetic. But I have to admit that besides being a busy bee, I’d gotten a case of the blog blues…in that I’d sort of lost sight of why I was doing this old thing, and also felt it had become a bit stale…all my own fault of course. Therefore, I’ve had a bit of a blog revamp in terms of appearance, and in terms of content, I’m intending to blog a lot more about everything I love and adore and hereby be able to post even more often. Now, won’t that be ace?!

I reached the grand old age of 30 a few days ago so have loads and loads of pictures for a couple of posts which will be coming in the next few days as well as a final tally on my 30 before 30 efforts, as a way of closing that particular chapter and moving into a new phase for both me and this little old blog.

Anyhoot, I went away for a few days to visit the man-shaped person a couple of weeks ago. In the course of which, we went for a tootle to the Peak District…

View from the teashop we’d stopped for tea at…a very friendly cat came and said hello whilst we were tea sipping, overall it was a very serene and peaceful spot…shame I can’t remember what it was called!

Another cafe that we stopped at…very entertaining cafe-lady whom seemed to be doing more child-corralling than serving!

But we also went up Mount Snowdon on the train that goes there, on a different day obviously! Now this isn’t a massively known fact about me on the old blog, but I’m afraid of heights, like seriously so. Or I was. The train ride up didn’t bother me at all, and then once we’d reached the top, it seemed almost rude to not climb the twenty or so steps to the official summit. Actually I was like ‘yeah, sure’ without even thinking…the stairs up were a bit hairy for me, as was the getting to the top and then turning around to look out, but and excuse me for sounding mushy now, but I think because I was someone I completely trust whom happens to be versed in mountain walking/climbing, it was easier to do than other lesser things I’d tried before. However, I did then have a panic when realising ‘oh shit, I’m really high up’ and the residual effects of adrenalin and whatnot made me feel a bit rubbish for the rest of the day, but since then lots of other things that had seemed impossible for me before I am now like ‘meh, whatevs’ about, so it seems like the fear has been mostly conquered. Yay me.

But yes, here’s the amazing pictures I took whilst up there…

And drum roll please….making his blog debut, even though he’s yet to know it, the bloke stood on said mountain…

So that’s it for now…lots more bloggery goodness to follow over the next few days….toodle pip! x


4 thoughts on “Adventures…

  1. The Snowdon pictures are just gorgeous, it is such a dramatic landscape – such a brilliant experience too – to tackle a fear head on 🙂

    Jem xXx

    P.S Love the blog revamp!

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