Same Look, But A Different Day…

Wow, my lovely followers/readers/general passers-by, three days running I manage to post – what is the world coming to! Well, actually, it’s just me resolving to pull my finger out a little bit as far as the blog is concerned and both photograph and write posts up asap rather than either forgetting to snap the OOTD, or not write it for ages. We’ll see how long that resolution lasts though.

So, this outfit pretty much down to the tiny details I first wore when Hanna of The Wardrobe Challenge came up to visit me a few weeks back. I was so busy having a good time I forgot to photograph the outfit that I wore for evening drinks and the one I wore the next day when we went shopping and for lunch. However, the beauty of clothes is that you can very easily wear them again at some point in the future when it should take your fancy, and oh look, that’s exactly what I did today!

Cardigan and Ballet Pumps: George at Asda| T-Shirt and Jeans – Evans| Necklace: present | Earrings: Primark

I really adore the lady-like chic of this look…I’d been coveting the cardi since seeing it on the Asda website, likewise with the shoes. I’ve been wearing both to death since getting them, so good investment methinks! They’re still being sold, so would highly recommend both of them….the shoes were just £7 and think the cardigan was about £16ish…

I kept the jewellery and makeup at a minimum to make it more daytimey, but I have worked the cardigan in a more smart or eveningy look…next time I do I promise to actually photograph that outfit!

Hope you’re all having a great Wednesday!

One thought on “Same Look, But A Different Day…

  1. I found you on the bloggers map, and thought that you might be interested in entering a giveaway for an event in Nottingham over on my blog?

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