Clothes for Cinema-going….

Last night I went for coffee and then the cinema…after a bit of debating went to see Prometheus, which fyi – seriously and totally loved it, found the visuals stunning and the plot captivating. Ridley Scott, you’ve knocked another one out of the park once again.

But obviously I wore clothes to said occassion….I’m getting really bad at the moment for not taking full length pictures of my outfit before going out. Bad, bad blogger me. Thank heavens for a phone with a decent camera and Instagram installed on it. The downside is trying to find a full length mirror whilst out and about…life doesn’t seem to normally co-operate with my needs! So, cue some mid-shot/close-up style photographs. Oh, if you want an idea of what the full length look was, I wore the same top and jeans here

Jacket and Jeans(unseen(: Evans| Shirt:New Look| Bag: Karen Millan| Jewellery: Accessorize and Primark | Shoes (unseen): Asda

My face. With make-up on. Not the most flattering angle, but hey, I was snapping on the move people!

One of the only things I’ll say about Prometheus is that if you see it late at night,  take someone to the loo with you….I went by myself, in a very quiet and about to close cinema and properly managed to shit myself up thinking that it was just the sort of scenario where I could get eaten/killed/mauled by an alien of some kind. Eeep!

Toodle pip lovely readers, I’m off to go procrastinate and contemplate.

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