Oh, its been a while…

So I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. Dear reader, please forgive me – its been several weeks since my last post. I’ve dallied with other non internet based activities for which I repent. Ok, so for someone non religious and most definitely not catholic, that was a bit of a weird way to kick off this post,but the bottom line is that I’ve just gotten a bit slack in posting. Which is mainly due to a combination of being crazy busy enjoying myself in other activities and also because my usual photographer (ok, my mum) was indisposed with illness for a bit so very much so couldnt bother her with forcing her to take pictures for me like I usually do!

So, thankfully, the world invented Instagram and I got a phone that finally can have the wonderous little app. That coupled with a camera that’s almost as good as my actual camera, I didn’t feel too bad taking the occasional shot with my phone. Well apart from the fact I found it really hard to find time to take pictures on the go….you can’t really disappear to the loo for half an hour and be like ‘yeah, I was blogging.’ Or can you?!

Here’s a few of my pictorial efforts over the last week or two. Enjoy.

A picture of my face whilst on bus. You can’t really see the outfit, what with being sat down and having a coat on, but trust me, it was a fab one.

Wearing my Yours navy polka dot tunic, leggings and gold jewellery. Having a seriously good hair day that day, despite the very windy weather.

Another massive picture of my face taken whilst on the bus. But oh, how well my make-up went for once!

Slightly blurry full length picture of me rocking my black body-con dress that I wore at the evening part of Plus London Two. You can’t see them, but I’ve got matching jet black earrings and necklace that were a gift from a friend a few years ago…a bit of M&S loveliness!

My new cardigan that I lusted after for ages on the Asda website before getting. I’ve currently worn it seven different ways, but forgot to take pictures of any of them! Next time I most certainly will not forget!!

Apart from the cardigan, all the pictures were taken for events relating back to the same reason….and that reason is one of the explanations to why I’ve not blogged. Anyone that visits my blog regularly will know that normally I’m a very honest and upfront blogger, whom considers her life to be pretty much fodder for this old thing. I’ve often gotten the urge to put fingers to keys over the last few weeks, but there’s been something in my brain stopping me, don’t know why. I’m sure this sudden urge to go all private will pass, but for the time being I’m continuing to be all coy and mysterious and cryptic. Although not that much so….I’m still addicted to conducting a running commentary of my life in the form of tweets!

Toodle pip, and here’s hoping it wont be as long before I post again!!

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