A Look For Summer….

So the weather has been lovely, hasn’t it? Well it has if you enjoy scorching hot heat, I however whilst I do like a bit of sunshine, prefer a bit of a breeze with my sun. But c’est la vie, I shall take what I can get!

So, I didn’t really wear this outfit to anywhere particularly exciting – I went to a meeting at work in it but to get to work I have to go via town and it was blazing hot so I planned to wear as little clothing as I could manage whilst looking respectable-ish!

Top – Evans (old, but not worn much so feels like newish to me!)

Shorts – Evans (didn’t used to fit so again, not worn much before now)

Shoes – Georgina Goodman for Evans ; can we just say how amazing that range was and how much I wish they’d bring it back? Beth Ditto gets mentioned often  as something to be resurrected but I’d also like to see them bring back said shoe range!

Necklace: Pilgrim

Earrings: Primark – ten pairs for £2 bargain and means I can finally wear some in the second earlobe piercing I’ve got…yes having two piercings in my lobes is as rock and roll as I get!

Arms and legs on show – oh my!  I wore this outfit a couple of days after the whole Twitter furore over My Big Fat Fetish, and went out into the world very ready to give my best bitch-face and utter some fierce words to idiotic strangers whom might give me looks of disgust or utter rude comments. However, I didn’t notice anything of the sort and got a compliment from a friend so my battle armour wasn’t quite needed!

I’m really loving all the summery styles and whatnot that are really starting to flood the market….but my most lusted after thing atm, despite a complete and utter dislike for the lady it’s named after (well, its more a dislike for her music, tbh) is the Mulberry Del Ray….I particularly like it in the Deer Brown Grainy Print Leather. Maybe the birthday fairy can magic one up for me in a couple of months time!

Ok, off I pop but leaving you with many promises that I’ll post one of my other OOTD posts from a couple of days ago – my arms and legs out once more!

8 thoughts on “A Look For Summer….

  1. The top is gorgeous! The colour is a lovely compliment to your English Rose complexion 🙂 Got to love those Georgina Goodman shoes – seeing how much wear you have had from yours makes me wish I had bought a pair for myself as they’re great and I love anything with a great cost per wear!

    Jem xXx

  2. Yes! Happy to hear that someone dislikes Lana Del Ray too! I don’t get her music at all! …That bag is absolutely gorgeous though, wouldn’t mind owning it ;).

    And that has happened to me too.. thinking that I have to wear ‘an armour’ against the looks and gazes, but then it actually never happens! Which proves that we can and should wear whatever we damn want to :)))! xx

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