Trying things out in town…..

Trigger Warning: I will be expressing my joy at the fact I’m sorting my health out has resulted in me now fitting in smaller clothes. So could trigger in terms of weight related feelings. But mostly its me going ‘Squee….I’ve not been in that size since I was 22 or so!’

So on Friday I took myself out and about for a little toddle off into town. I really love nothing better than a good browse about the shops – well, I prefer actually buying stuff but for once I was very restrained!

Anyway, I’ve not tried clothes on at all since just after Christmas so I figured about time for a bit of trying on session….first stop was Primark because I’d heard that their leggings are quite generous, and also if something’s oversized it can fit larger than the label states also….so I gave it a whirl. Most of what I took into the changing rooms (which fyi traumatic experience on par with airport security when they suspect you of being a terrorist or something) didn’t fit but only because of either material or cut I think….however this number did actually fit fine on me, I was entirely surprised!

So, as the picture is a bit blurry I shall describe what I was trying on – a cream peter pan collared sleeveless top with a thin ribboned bow, and a high-low hemmed navy skirt with birds on it. Got to love some bird print.

However, the fabric of the top was really thin and therefore looked see-through and the high low hem was really badly done – very short in the front and really long in the back!

I did however buy some coral coloured leggings for the bargain price of £3!

So after that I had a toddle down to my local branch of New Look. Which has had yet another facelift…I swear they plough a small fortune into tarting that place up so flipping often!! Anyway, once I’d headed down into the basement where Inspire is housed, I had a quick flit around….not tons of stuff I was wowed by, but I still headed into the changing rooms with an armful of stuff to try on.

Now you may recall I had a similar trying on session earlier in the year, and got very excited to fit into their size 26 trousers as I hadn’t been able to for a very long time….

Well, I tried on these trousers in a size 26 and they were too big! You can’t really tell from the picture, but the top band should lay flat against my waist and then the legs be closer fitting to me, but it gapped at the waist and was far too billowy around the legs. Score!

Again this was in a size 26 and it was just far too big….I think it’s probably quite a generous cut, so I’d urge anyone to size down from their normal size….I’d want it to be quite fitted in the right places, and it kinda sort of just hung instead. Not to mention I’m not crazy about the colour on me!

However, this outfit was a total winner! I’m slightly annoyed that for once I showed restraint and didn’t get it. Both the top and skirt are a size 24 and fit me perfectly….I know it’s not about being able to fit into a certain size and I’d love myself no matter what the size I am, but I’m trying to get healthy because I really wasn’t, and losing weight is a sign that I’m going the right way on my particular path. Not to mention, I’d really like to have more options open to me in terms of where I can get clothes from, for not very much because I’m constantly poor!

But yes, the skirt and top fitted like a dream, and I felt amazing in them. Not quite sure why I went home without them to be honest!!

So then I had the bright idea of popping into BHS and their about four racks of Evans clothing….because the true test would be if I could get into a smaller size  in their clothing as I’m convinced their clothes have got smaller over the last few years!

Ignore the blurriness and ignore how the top’s a terrible cut on me because for the first time in over seven years I’m in a pair of size 26 jeans. I’ve tried them on before at Evans but they’ve always been just a tad too tight. But no, these fitted me perfectly and they weren’t the roomiest of cuts either! The top is a 24 and again, fitted me although really wasn’t taken with it at all!

So that’s my trip to try clothes on in town….rather successful given the mission was to try to confirm the fact that I’m smaller than I used to be in a way other than going ‘oh, my clothes feel far too big on me atm…’

3 thoughts on “Trying things out in town…..

  1. The ‘California’ tee looks brilliant on you! 🙂 I think the dress looks great too but then I do always go a size or so larger than I need on top as I like a little bagginess! 🙂

    Jem xXx

  2. Go back and get them! And I loved that dress on you – the colour looks great! It is a nice feeling isn’t it, fitting into smaller sizes, I’m hoping the same will be happening to me too soon. Go you! xx

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