Plus Size Swimwear Challenge – Evans

So, the second in the series of this challenge. Once again, all of us bloggers in the challenge got given swimwear to try out and see what we thought of it. This time around, the folks at Evans sent over two swimsuits to yours truly.

The first one is the Teal Tummy Control Wrap Swimsuit at £32.

Appearance: Awful. Now, its got these sort of panels on it, that are supposed to go across your body somehow, I suppose in some sort of shape flattering way. However for me, it draws attention to my hips, which is the widest part of my body, cuts across my stomach thus drawing attention to it, and also across my boobs but really making a feature of the fact I’ve one smaller than the other. 0/5

Fit: Now, everwhere except my boobs it fit quite well. Its really high at the top of it, so it makes you feel quite secure. However, I was sent the right size except for in the boob department – I’m a b/c cup and I got sent a dd/e. Which meant lots of excess fabric on the boobs and that in turn meant I felt like I was flapping around a little bit and that my boobs were saggier than they are. And as it is a little bit big, once wet, the fit became less well fitting than when dry. 2/5

Comfort: Have to say that in terms of ease of movement and of how it held up overall, it wasn’t too bad. Not brilliant, but not too bad. The fact its got really wide straps and a high neckline means its alot more comfortable than some swimsuits I’ve previously owned from Evans, but the fact my boobs weren’t in the right sized suit, I felt uncomfortable due to the fact my boobs looked concave. 2.5/5

Coverage: Now this is the area it excels at and I’d definitely recommend it for this reason – my boobs didn’t feel like they were going to pop out the top of it, which is good. Just a shame that it was the wrong size and therefore I felt like they were around my knees! Also, the bottom of it covered my ample really sufficiently, which is always a worry that it would ride up! 3.5/5

Performance: To say that it was too big, I was expecting it to underperform much more than it did….I’m fairly certain that should it have been the right size for me, I’d be really recommending it within this area – it did sag a little when wet, but not as much as I was expecting it to, based on the previous suits I’ve owned from Evans. 4/5

Value: This bad boy is priced at £32. In my eyes, its not any better, and in actual fact worse than the Tesco suit from last week. So not really value for money – £32 isn’t a lot, really, but for me at that price, I’d expect more from it.

The second suit is the Aqua Stone Tummy Control Swimsuit at £32

Appearance: Divine! My mum takes a lot of my pictures for me, because I don’t own a tripod and she’s just there anyway and her own words were ‘Oh, I think I like this one the best – its miles better than that one you just had on, and better on the boobs than the Tesco one’. So its got Mum’s seal of approval.

From my point of view, I’m inclined to agree. Who’d have thought that actually, my favourite would be the black one, given the many, many years I’ve worn black swimsuits? I love that the straps are thin and the ruching on the boob area makes me look like I’ve got more boobs than I actually have. Again, it was two sizes too big on the cup size, but rather than going concave, it made them slightly pointy looking if you were to look really hard, but I kinda liked that because it made me feel like I was in Mad Men.

But apologies that I look like a ghost though – I’m not quite sure why I look even more pale than I actually do!


Fit: Really, really good. I’m actually kind of tempted to buy a version of this with the correct cup sizing, because I love it that much. It didn’t sag anywhere, really or at least not more than you’d expect of a swimming costume, and there felt a lot more structure around the boob area, so I felt like they would stay where they were supposed to! 4.5/5

Comfort: Beyond lovely. I really think this is the first multi-purpose costume I’ve been given to try; its got enough glamour to feel sexy-ish by the pool when abroad, but then enough comfort in all areas such as the bum and boobs to do ten lengths up and down the pool back in Blighty. Although insert your own number, I’m sure you’d do more than ten lengths in one go! 5/5

Coverage: I’ll keep it simple – my boobs felt covered up but displayed well, and my backside wasn’t hanging out of the bottom. 5/5

Performance: It held up well when actually taken to water – but then thats something I knew would be the case as I’ve own Evans swimming costumes before, and thats the one area they’ve always done well on. For me the big test for this costume was fit as usually they tend to not hold up well around the boob area when wet for me, but as I’ve said, it did well in that arena. Because I was so encased in the boob department, the straps stayed up well, which was one thing I was slightly expecting from it perhaps (I’ve owned thin strapped suits from Evans before, and they’ve always fallen down whilst swimming.)

But definitely a high performer – 5/5

Value: Again, this suit was £32. Do I think that its worth £32? That I’m not sure on, because I’m a cheapstake and I think that I’d always want a bit more of a bargain, but I’m definitely going to wear this more outside of this review, and I shall update this post when I’ve figured out cost per wear, as thats how I judge any item of clothing, really. But if you were to ask me if I think this is worth buying if you were in the market for a swimsuit and you’d told me that you wanted one swimsuit that works for both swimming at your local pool and abroad, then I’d say yes, good value for money. 4.5/5

So there you have it. One swimsuit that I really didn’t like and one I loved. Overall, well done Evans!

Should you want to go take a peek at my fellow swim-wear ladies (of course you do, they’re ace!), the links are below!

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p.s I’ve just realised both suits were tummy control ones – what you saying, Evans?! ;p lol

4 thoughts on “Plus Size Swimwear Challenge – Evans

  1. Oh wow – the black costume really does look brilliant, I love that with the dainty straps, detailing on the bust and the little turquoise stone it isn’t your standard black costume either! 🙂

    • Its definitely the best costume I’ve ever worn….I’d be quite happy to stroll around a pool with cocktail in hand in it! I’m definitely impressed with it for sure!

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